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Hi, this is not Jerry Bryant, this is his webmaster. Just a quick comment regarding Full Circle and iTunes. Due to some technical problems with the old podcast feed for iTunes (the episodes did not show up in the iTunes Store, just the “subscribe” button), we now have a new podcast feed. The bad news: The podcast feed you may have previously been using no longer works at all. The good news: The new podcast feed lists every single episode, allowing you to download one at a time or all of them. (Also, the logo picture is no longer blurry.)

iTunesSo, to continue to receive Full Circle podcasts in the future via iTunes, click here, and then the “subscribe” button. If you do subscribe again, and see all the old episodes that you’ve already heard and do not want to download again, just highlight the ones you don’t want and press option-Delete (on a Mac; sorry, don’t recall how to do it in Windows), and all you will see are the new episodes.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled announcer…

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