Remembering Sparrow Records Episode #127

On Episode #127, you can take a walk down memory lane as we remember the contribution that the newly formed Sparrow Records made to early Jesus music.  Owner/Producer Billy Ray Hearn was willing to take the risk with many young artists that were unknown in Christian music and they became a house-hold name.  Sparrow Records was a family and held a standard for relationship in business and advancing the Kingdom through music.

You’ll hear early Jesus music from Scott Wesley Brown, Margaret Becker, John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot, Barry McGuire, 2d Chapter of Acts and of course the late Keith Green.

Give a listen and recall the memories!

Have you been waiting for Episode #126?

This show will be worth the weight…(pun intended) because it features two artists…not just one.  We’ll hear some Jesus music duets from folks like Steve Camp and Michele Pillar, Cliff Richard and Sheila Walsh, Steve Archer and Marilyn McCoo and a classic from Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. I know you know what song I am talking about.

Phil Keaggy stops by to tell how he recorded his one and only duet with his sister Geri…what is a treat!  So much more on this episode…so be sure and go to our playlist button and give a listen…thanks!!

EPISODE #125 has variety!

On this episode we’ll be looking at a variety of topics.  Let me ask you a question.  Have you ever felt lonely or rejected?  If we were honest with ourselves we can all say that we’ve had these feelings at one time or another in our lives.  Some people have an ongoing situation with this state of mind.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS!!  There is One who loves us unconditionally and will never leave us nor forsake us.  Someone who can heal us from the pain of rejection…because He understands it better than anyone.  Of course I’m talking about Jesus Christ and we’ll hear the songs of His healing from Jesus music pioneers Bob Bennett, Dion DiMucci and Amy Grant as well as songs of praise for the healing from Matthews, Taylor and Johnson, Scott Wesley Brown and Twila Paris.

I’d love to hear your stories of healing too!  Take advantage of our blog site or drop me a note and if you have requests for future episodes of the show…let me know.

So to hear this new episode, go up to the play-list button…click and then when the playlist comes up…click Episode #125 and give it a listen.