Episode #129, The Summer Of 1978

Where were you during the summer of 1978?  If you were alive…you might remember that it was one of the most exciting summers for early Jesus music as many “hot” albums were released.

On this Episode of FULL CIRCLE…you’ll hear from Don Francisco, Wendell Burton, The Archers, Farrell and Farrell and Pat Terry and many others!

Go to the playlist tab…click the arrow at Episode 129…jump in and give a listen!!

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Light!! Episode #128

Matthew 4:16 says that “the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.”

You know you can be in a darkened room, not realizing how dark it really is…until someone turns on the light…which is what Jesus came to do!

On this episode of FULL CIRCLE, we turn the light on early Jesus music…with help from Seawind, Mustard Seed Faith, Larry Norman, Leslie Phillips, and many more!

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A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way!

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Julie Waterman wrote to say:  “Just wanted to know my husband, Chuck, and I are really enjoying being able to get your Full Circle broadcasts via the internet here in Japan!  When I heard you read a list of the countries you’ve heard you have listeners in, I didn’t hear Japan, so thought I’d drop you a line.”

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