Blessed Christmas Everyone, Episode #131 is here!

Won’t you join us for a special Christmas Episode of FULL CIRCLE?  On this program my good friends Bob Bennett, Michele Pillar, Bryan Duncan, Farrell and Farrell and of course Mr. Phil Keaggy….are sharing the latest Christmas songs and memories!  Merry Christmas!

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Although the times seem uncertain…we know that if we keep our eyes on Him and let His light shine…He will see us through!  My prayers are that you are filled with His joy and peace this Christmas season…and let His light guide you into the New Year!  Blessings!!!

Christmas Projects from Jesus Music Artists!!

If you love Jesus music artists from the past…check out their websites for new Christmas releases like…WELCOME INN, Phil Keaggy,, CHRISTMAS WITH PAUL CLARK, Paul Clark,, CHRISTMASTIDE, Bob Bennett,, HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SING, Michele Pillar,, ACOUSTIC CHRISTMAS, Farrell and Farrell,, and NEHO SOUL CHRISTMAS, Bryan Duncan,…get them now!!!

Episode #130 with special guest Randy Stonehill!

Happy Holidays everyone!  This month is going to go fast!  I pray you will keep JESUS AS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!  I am working to get a very special Christmas show recorded and available Christmas week.  It will be a little different in that I wouldn’t play old recordings but feature brand new CDs from classic Jesus music artists PHIL KEAGGY, WELCOME INN, BOB BENNETT, CHRISTMASTIDE and finally songs from MICHELE PILLAR’S, I HEAR ANGELS CALLING.  You really should get these CD’s for this Christmas season and you can find links to their webstores by clicking my LINK button.

In the meantime…Episode #130 is up…featuring songs and interviews from none other than “ole uncle Rand”…that’s RANDY STONEHILL.  Just go to the playlist button…give it click and enjoy or download at the ITUNES store!

I got great response to the question about the favorite songs you remember from Randy….songs like “Everybody Said (but Nobody Did)”, “Cosmetic Fixation,”  “American Fast Food, ” “Keep me Running,” “Lung Cancer” “Angry Young Men,”  “First Prayer,” “King of Hearts” and “Love Broke Through”! Boy! This guy has written so many, many classics.  So, be sure and listen to Episode #130 and see what songs Randy talks about!!  Just go to the playlist, click and you are there!

Finally, you are going to get numerous appeals for support this Christmas season for wonderful and needy causes.  How can I compete with any of that?  So give if you want this month or not…but do remember to pray for us.  Your giving will really help, not only get the Christmas show up on the web but help end the year in balance.  Thanks so much!