Episode #134 is here! He’s Coming Back!!

Every generation of Christians must face the dilemma of how to live in the tension between the possibility of Christ’s immediate return and the impossibility of predicting the moment. Many Christians unfortunately settle the problem by living as if Christ will not return. Meanwhile, others dabble in various fruitless but persistent schemes to “figure out” the time of Christ’s return.

While we may not know the hour or the day but we do know, as our first group reassures us, He is returning.

On this FULL CIRCLE Episode #134…we’ll share songs reflecting the mystery of the “parousia” from Jesus Music artists like the 2d Chapter of Acts, the Pat Terry Group, DeGarmo and Key, Farrell and Farrell and Randy Matthews, Mike Johnson and the late Danny Taylor.

Click on the playlist.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject…drop us a note!

Do You Remember Your ABCs? Part Two – Episode #133

As you can guess…there’s not a whole lot of classic Jesus music radio shows out there.  Thankfully some CCM stations will rotate a few “oldies”…but to take time to reflect on our history, interview some artists and play more selections than you can remember.  We’re are trying to fill a niche, I guess.

On this episode of FULL CIRCLE we continue to go through the second part of the alphabet all the way to the end (with a couple misses we just couldn’t find)  You’ll be reminded of great songs from Malcolm and Alwyn, Larry Norman, Bryan Duncan, Terry Talbot and many more.

Go to the PLAYLIST and give Episode #133 a listen and tell me what you think!

Episode #133 Will Be Loading Soon!!

Hey everybody….just waiting for a little more underwriting help as we are about to upload Episode #133, and finish Part Two of our alphabetical countdown to “Z”.  The show features the Sweet Comfort Band (the amazing group that’s about to record a new album after all these years…worth the wait!)..as well as Terry Talbot, Jamie Owens-Collins, Malcolm and Alwyn, Dan Peek, The Wall Bros and Vector….now that is a cross section of tunes!

If you get the chance…check out the new video on the left and tell me what you think!  Have a great week!

Watch My New Vison Casting Video

Hi Everybody,

Hope you’re enjoying recalling the ABC’s of early Jesus Music, Part One (Episode #132) Part Two will hopefully upload soon…going all the way to Z!  Let me know what you think…and send in some requests!

This new year will be the year of the “supershift” for a lot of us…including yours truly.  No, I am not planning on ending the FULL CIRCLE show…BUT, I want to start a few other programs as well.  I have a lot of ideas and I’ll tell you about them in my new video message on the left.  Take a moment to watch and then let me know what you think.

Thanks and Happy New Year!