Early Steps On The Journey, Episode #136

In school we learn about Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (sometimes known as the 3 R’s although this is grammatically incorrect ) On Episode #136 we’ll learn about 10 R’s.

You’ll hear from the likes of Mylon LeFevre and Michael Card along with Honeytree and Chuck Girard as well as some early rockers Servant and the Resurrection Band.  The songs will walk thru some of the early steps one should take on the journey of this Christian life.

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There is a special need at FULL CIRCLE

Our God is an awesome God and He knows our needs so I start by rejoicing in Him.  If you’ll let me I’d like to share our needs with you as well.  It is very simple…and not too big for God.

We need new equipment, processors and bandwidth at our internet side for the next season for our radio and podcast ministry.  I won’t bother you with all the details…but after three years our hard drives are full and slow and sometimes don’t work…it’s time for an upgrade and a major spring cleaning.

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Episode #135 Giving and Thanking – Need I say more?

The best Valentines gift anyone could receive from the Father…is the gift of His Son!  Episode #135 is all about “giving and thanking”…need I say more?  Also, I’ve thrown in a special song from the late Tom Howard at the end….Tom said it well!  I look forward to producing a Tom Howard Memorial Special…soon!

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Remembering Tom Howard

There were warm smiles, hugs and encouragement at the memorial in Nashville for Jesus music pioneer Tom Howard.  St Bartholomews was packed with family and many friends from the music community.  We heard passionate musical renderings from Rick Elias, Marty Goetz, Cindy Morgan, Brent Bourgeous, Gene Miller and Phil Keaggy…then afterwards in the reception hall…an impromptu concert with Keaggy, Stonehill, Hindalong, Bourgeois and others!

Amazing how the best in us all comes out in times like these as we consider eternity from the “view from the bridge.” Please keep Dori and the kids in your prayers during this time.

If you’d like to hear an interview with Tom and his song “One More Reason”…check out Episode #22 on the play list page.  Tom, we’re gonna miss you!