History Making Songs On Episode #144

We’re back and checking out some of the most influential Jesus music of the 80’s…that helped usher in todays CCM.

On this episode we’ll feature some of the most important albums released in the 1980’s…including selections from Steve Taylor, Daniel Amos, Mark Heard and Bob Bennett.  These were “history makers” along with early Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith selections.

An Open Letter From Melody Green

Dear Friends,

The idea for this event came from a prayer-leader in CA that I’d never met, Dai Sup Han of Prayer Surge Now! He wanted Keith’s friends, John Dawson, Loren and Darlene Cunningham, and me to take part. It seemed impossible but I realized God was in it as it began to fall together almost miraculously.

Pray • Worship • Reignite          
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 6:30 PM CST
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“Remembering the Life of Jesus in Keith Green”
LIVE web-stream Event at KeithGreen.com

During Keith’s seven years of following Jesus, he made a powerful impact still strongly felt today. Was he perfect?  Of course not…  But, his willingness to “go for it with God” and “obey no matter the cost” left a treasure of music and messages — that are needed now more than ever.

Please Help Get the Word Out

Keith would like nothing better than to know that today his voice might help fill your churches, training centers, missions bases, works of justice and mercy, Bible Studies, Youth Groups, and prayer rooms, etc.

We are using this day as a “divine excuse” for the Lord to grip the hearts of believers of all ages, everywhere, in all denominations. And hopefully bring many prodigals home too.

It’s All About Jesus

This is not an event to promote a ministry or to ask for money. It’s not about LDM …or me. Honestly it’s not “really” about Keith either – except to remember the challenging and worshipful messages he preached and put into music.

We want it to motivate, challenge and inspire all who watch to a deeper walk with Jesus, giving a time of personal response at the end.

Will You Help Us Spread the Word?
Simple Tools To Use

Click on Go to: www.lastdaysministries.com and your team can download banners, flyers, Facebook info, a Facebook profile picture, and more.  We also have a short video here, (with never seen footage of Keith preaching and singing Oh Lord You’re Beautiful).  This video can be posted on anyone’s blog, website, or social networking site, etc.

Host Event on YOUR site or Blog

We’d love to have many places playing the LIVE event so it will bless !  We’d love to see this bless your ministry, and those who follow your websites and blogs, etc. You could also host a meeting at your church or home and invite friends.

It’s on a Wednesday Night
Host a Gathering at Your Church, Youth Group or Home

Make it a personal or community event. Invite your friends to watch together and pray and talk after!! Please note that it will view LIVE at 6:30 PM CST, so make sure and check when that is for YOUR time zone. Go to: www.lastdaysministries.com

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and I also appreciate your prayers,

In Jesus,


Some Say It’s Hot?

How are you getting through the “hot” summer?  Drop me a line a let me know your secret!  In spite of the heat…I’ve been blessed with lots of emails and even a couple summer partnerships…as you know they tend to drop in the summer.  Thanks to all of you who pray for the show and help out.

We have quite a mix on the upcoming Episode 144!  Be watching for music from Stryper, Kerry Livgren, Mark Heard, Bob Bennett, Steve Taylor and even a cut from the Daniel Amos cult classic…Horrendous Disc!

Have a great summer everyone!