How About An Early Thanksgiving Gift? Episode #150 Is Up!

Hi Everybody…here’s another unbelievable milestone!  When we started the show…we had two years of underwriting from our friends at Global Advance.  Since then, we’ve believed with many of you that God would provide for FULL CIRCLE through the listening audience.  I am so thankful He has brought us this far…thanks to each of you who’ve helped along the way…with either large or small financial gifts…one time or monthly.  We couldn’t have done it without you being directed by the Lord to help out.

So, how about an early Thanksgiving gift, unless you live in Canada where I’m eleven months early?  (I realize that many of my international listeners aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving either)  Episode #150 is up!!  Incredible hits from the early 70’s from groups like DeGarmo and Key, Matthew Ward, Love Song, and others…you’re going to enjoy this one if you love Jesus music!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and blessings on you as your share whatever you can.  Remember you can either use the regular mail…or the PayPal to the left.

Watch the new video that I’m posting soon and find out who is going to be on the FULL CIRCLE show.

My Heart Is Sad…Yet I Rejoice

My heart is sad, yet I rejoice that my friend is in the presence of His Master and King…and because there will be a glorious resurrection…death has no sting.

I loved Tom Dooley…he was my connection and helped encourage me to put FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC on the air.  He’s always been my friend and encourager…and last night He was joyously received into his Father’s arms!!

Tom had a tumor on his brain was being treated with radiation and chemotherapy.

Tom was the founder of MasterMedia Ministries and the former morning man for the former KVTT in Dallas.  His radio show, THE JOURNEY with Tom Dooley was a 2-hr. daily Christian music/talk radio program and a 3-hr. weekend show heard on over 200 stations.  It was a unique broadcast combining the worlds of contemporary Christian music and literature with commentary from Tom. The focus of the ministry was that of discipleship and encouragement.

Tom was a giant of a man in the Spirit, a prophet and innovator and a leader you just wanted to be around.

We first met when both of us were in Virginia Beach working for the Christian Broadcasting station in Tidewater.

I’ll miss him…but we’ll be together again soon.

Please remember his family, friends and associates in prayer if you would.  Thanks.

Simply The Best – Episode #149

Simply put…it is some of the best of early Jesus music…it timeless!  Episode #149 is a joy to listen to…share it with your friends and sign up for an automatic download of future Full Circle shows from our RSS feed.  Send me your email link and send in a request to join the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC group at Facebook.  Type in Full Circle Jesus Music and click group for your request.  Thanks for your financial support to keep this classic oldies show going.  God bless you!