What Will The New Year Bring To You?

Hi Everybody!  It’s time for a new season for us all.  A year that we will never forget has come to an end.

Here in Nashville, we’ll not forget the “flood” of the century in early May when hundreds of homes were made uninhabited by the deluge. The historic Opryland Hotel and the Grand Old Opry were closed due to the high waters and have just reopened.

Then there was the lost of good friends like my mentor Tom Dooley and Jesus music pioneers Danny Taylor, Tom Howard, Kevin Thomson from the Sweet Comfort Band and Dana Key from the DeGarmo and Key band.  Our loss…heaven’s gain.

What will the New Year bring to us?  No-one can be sure, of course…but we can predict some things with accuracy. Here are 5 predictions for the new year.  Check em’ out and I invite you to come back to this list during 2011 and see if any of these predictions are in error.  Here we go:

1. The Bible will still have the answers.
2. Prayer will still work.
3. God will still pour out blessings upon His people.
4. Jesus will still love you.
5. Jesus will still save the lost.

Hold fast to the Lord in 2011…it’s gonna be quite a ride!

I’m in the studio…and a new FULL CIRCLE episode is coming your way to celebrate the new year!  Be blessed!

The Ending Of One Season, The Beginning Of The New

Hi Everybody,

It’s almost Christmas time!  If you are already in the holiday spirit…check out Episode 7 in our archives and you’ll hear my very first FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC Classic Christmas show…worth the listen!

I know that you will receive many requests for your financial investments at the end of the year and will make prayerful decisions regarding how to invest your God-given resources. If you have listened to FULL CIRCLE more than once, you know that we are committed to changing lives through the best in classic Jesus music…with a ministry of encouragement.  Many are rediscovering a precious moment from the past and others for the first time are finding out the amazing legacy of CCM.

As we look to the end of this season and the beginning of a new year…without sufficient resources, we will miss the opportunity to …
… produce quality programming that will feature interviews and the history of the “music that moved us” from so long ago
… touch lives around the world through the internet who have never even heard Christian music period, much less know where it came from
… interview and document the stories of many early Jesus music artists that want their story to be known
… continue to produce radio specials and archive songs from ancient vinyl as digital mp3s
… build a worldwide community of people who are committed to spreading the good news through classic Jesus music with a message

Will you join with us in making this a possibility? Will you invest, even a little,  to partner with us?  Everyone doing just a little will make a world of difference.

Thanks everyone…and have a Blessed Christmas Season!!