Episode #172 Features THE CHOIR, Part 2!!!

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I could enjoy getting use to this….2 Episodes posting back to back!!   It just goes to show how quickly new shows can be heard when someone gives!!  Thanks to special supporters…Rob Shevlot & family…dear friends of The Choir…making it possible to share with you another of my favorite shows, Episodes #172 featuring THE CHOIR!!!  With everyone helping…like Rob did…we’ll keep the Jesus movement music alive!!

On this special episode I’m continuing my conversation with Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong the core duo making up the The Choir.

Many may have thought that The Choir’s days of creative output was over with. But 2010 proved to be a fruitful year of inspiration for Steve and Derri with the release of not 1 but 2 albums. The first was a cd of new material called BURNING LIKE THE MIDNIGHT SUN. The second entitled DE – PLUMED consisted of acoustic re-recordings of one song from each of The Choir’s 12 previous studio albums. Stay tuned…they’re in the studio and much more is on the way!!


Episode #171 Features THE CHOIR!!

Hi Everybody,

Special supporters…Bob Henninger & family made it possible to share with you one of my favorite Episodes….#171 featuring THE CHOIR!!!  On this special episode I’m talking with Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong the core duo making up the alternative Christian rock band along with Tim Chandler on bass, the smooth Dan Michaels on saxophone and lyricon and Marc Byrd on guitar.

The Choir was originally formed as Youth Choir in the early 1980s and were a part of the Calvary Chapel Christian punk an alternative music scene, which also included the bands Undercover, Crumbacher, Altar Boys and 4-4-1.  Did you know that Youth Choir was the first band ever to play at the Cornerstone Festival?

You learn a lot more interesting info on the band and hear some of their remarkable music….on this episode…so give us a listen!!

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Due to the generous support from listeners Bob Henninger and Connie Waldridge we have posted a new show!  Click the Playlist and listen to Episode #170, as we continue our retrospective look at the life, legacy and music of Christian Music veteran Paul Clark.  Don’t miss it, and I’ll be featuring THE CHOIR on the next episode as soon as underwriting comes in for those shows.

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