Episode #205 – Truth Is Gary Chapman

Hi Everybody,

With the support of Rev David Davis and Steven Weyrich, I am able to post a “new” episode after a season of waiting. Do you enjoy waiting? Not that much fun but when you are in the service of the King, you have to learn to wait until support comes to continue on with the next season….and there are many other shows in the works…with the long-awaited update shows from Phil Keaggy, Sparrows Billy Ray Hearn and a couple of other surprises you don’t want to miss!

Gary Chapman gave me an exclusive interview recently on how it all started for him and what he is doing today…along with a sample of the new project TRUTH.

I hope you’ll enjoy Episode #205 and tell your friends about the show. It would be great to have you on our Full Circle eblast mailing list and also to have you join our Full Circle Jesus Music Facebook page.

Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue into this news season.