Need A Little Mercy and Grace? Episode #208 May Just Help

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for those who are checking out the new Episode…I think you’ll enjoy the selections. Full Circle is produced for you to recall the best of early Jesus music and on this show you will hear great songs from Chuck Girard from Love Song, Keith Green, Maria Mulduar, Steve Camp and Paul Clark and some of his friends. Songs about Mercy and Grace…much needed in this tumultuous season.

There are numerous radio and internet stations, apps like Roku and Tunein Radio, etc. where you can now hear the show. My friends Steven Weyrich, Paul French, Joseph and Serene Culp, David and Vicki Davis, Harriet Keith, Bill and Linda Schaaff and Greg Lord…helped bring this Episode to you and look forward to your joining in the financial underwriting of the next show.

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