Remembering Billy Ray on Episode #209

Hi Everybody,

The summer is at an end and with your help and support, I’m going to crank up a few new FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC shows for you to enjoy. Special thanks to Russell Baum and Jeff Cain who help me produce the show, my faithful friend Steven Weyhrich who handles the webmastering and special support from David and Vicki Davis, Bill and Linda Schaaff, Walter Gorlitz, Alan Ray, Harriet Keith and Paul French…who made this show possible.

Episode #209 is dedicated to a wonderful friend of JESUS MUSIC, the late Billy Ray Hearn who created a new department at WORD Records, called Myrrh, where he introduced some of the early pioneers of JESUS MUSIC to the world and then went on to establish Sparrow Records until he finished his race on April 15, 2015.

He was a special gift to us all as he had the heart and ear to hear the music of our last generation and put it on vinyl. When I lived at Last Days Community with Keith and Melody Green, Billy allowed me to use the Sparrow Records shipping room in Canoga Park, California to mail my JESUS SOLID ROCK radio show on vinyl to my radio affiliates.

Enjoy this condensed tribute from my last 2 hours with Billy Ray….he’ll be missed.