Episode #210 – Revisiting Phil Keaggy, Part 1

Hi Everybody,

Well, it’s about time! I have been waiting for your response to the upcoming Phil Keaggy show, Pt 1 and I can’t wait any more…it’s such a great show. I hope you’ll enjoy!

As you know, Phil is a great friend and an amazing gift to Jesus Music and we are eternally grateful for his allowing us to use his song FULL CIRCLE for our opening theme. On a recent interview we found out a lot more about this incredible talent and all that has inspired his longevity! Recently he started a Kickstarter project for his next project (after over 60 albums)…if you’d like to help him, go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/philkeaggy2015/phil-keaggy-tune-to-tune

I bet it will be as great as all of of his past efforts because Phil, like fine wine, get’s better with age!!

Big thanks go out to my FCJM staff and financial support once again from Joseph Culp, Steven Weyhrich, Joshua Inman, Alan Ray, Harriet Keith, David and Vick Davis, and Willian and Linda Schaaff for underwriting this ministry. If you don’t see your name our our sponsor list…no worries…just go to the button on the right and join the folks who make the next FULL CIRCLE show possible. (It’s tax deductible too)

Still not sure how to play the show? Go to top of page and find Playlist 201-Present, then click the button and #210 will appear ready to play, or go to ITUNES and search for FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC and search for Episode 210.