Episode #211 – Revisiting Phil Keaggy, Part 2

Hi Everybody,

With a little help from my friends, here’s Episode #212 – Revisiting Phil Keaggy, Pt 2!! If you missed Pt 1, check out the archives at Playlist 201-present before you listen and you’ll have some continuity from the artists that “takes a lickin and keeps on tickin”…the eveready Phil Keaggy.

On this episode you’ll hear the full version of our theme song for FULL CIRCLE that Phil so graciously granted us to use. Did you know that the song was written originally for Nedra Ross of The Ronnettes fame, the American R&B/Pop girl group from New York City?

You’ll also hear the story behind the hit songs, SUNDAY’S CHILD and JOHN THE REVELATOR and so much more, so don’t miss this show!

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