Two Old DJ’s on Episode #216

Hi Everybody,

There’s a lot of old disk jockeys out there who have had their rotation (pun intended) behind the mic spinning disks…but there is only one LARRY BLACK. When I first started in Christian radio with the JESUS SOLID ROCK show in Carbondale, Illinois, there were only 3-4 Jesus Music radio shows on the air. One was from Freeville, NY with Scott Ross, who later joined with Pat Robertson and the CBN radio network…and he turned over his nationally acclaimed radio show to his producer, LARRY BLACK. Over the years Larry and my radio show would be back to back on many radio stations from coast to coast.

It was time to sit down with my old friend and recall our memories of some of the early Jesus music artists like Phil Keaggy, Garry S. Paxton, Nedra Ross and the Ronettes and others. My own re-conversion came as a result of hearing the E Band in concert and praying after the concert with Greg X. Volz…in the early 70’s. You’ll hear the songs and memories on this episode of FULL CIRCLE, thanks to the idea and the underwriting of my good friend Steven Weyhrich. Enjoy and pass it on to a friend.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support of this ministry. Enjoy!