Episode #220 Welcomes Kelly Willard

Hi Everybody,

I am exited that I finally have Kelly Willard as my special guest on Full Circle! My first interview with her was in the mid 70’s during the time I was pastoring at Last Days Community with the late Keith Green. Last week I posted a sneak preview on the website and now it’s time for the complete show, thanks to the financial gifts of Ray Alan, David and Vicki Davis, William & Linda Schaaff, Steven Weyhrich and Tom Tatlow.

Kelly has continued to write and sing Jesus music songs all of her life and has been a blessing to many.

You’ll hear classics like Blame It On The One I Love, Nothing But The Blood, a duet from Kelly and Dion Dimucci and much more. You’ll also find out about the new life changing ministry that Kelly has become involved in. Don’t miss this show!!

Thanks for your prayers and be sure and give this Episode a listen and let me know your favorite Kelly Willard song.