Songs from Colossians 3 – Episode #221

Hi Everybody,

It’s my 70th birthday week and I’d like to share a gift with you too! There’s a book in the Bible that has really been an encouragement to me over the years, the book of Colossians. On this episode, I’ll be highlighting some passages from Chapter 3 and playing songs that correspond with the theme of this letter that Paul wrote from prison.

You’ll hear some classics from folks like Steven Curtis Chapman, Petra, Randy Stonehill, David Meece, Michael Card and another song from our special guest on Episode #220, Kelly Willard. The purpose for this theme is to help keep you focused on God’s transforming truth and not get led astray by fine-sounding arguments, hollow and deceptive philosophy. Be sure and give a listen!

Thanks goes out to the faithful listeners who have supported this show…Joshua Inman, Steven Weyhrich, David and Vicki Davis, Paul French, Tom Tatlow, Rick Tarrant and others. It really makes a difference when you share the load of the ministry with your prayers and your giving.