Episode #233, Another Look At 1st Thessalonians

Hey everybody!

Don’t you just love the word of God? There is so much rich truth for us to help guide our way in a very dark time. So, on this episode I’ll being taking a musical look again at 1st Thessalonians!

Ric Cua from The Outlaws will start us out and you’ll be hearing vintage Leon Patillo, Dion Dimucci, Children of the Day, DeGarmo & Key and of course the late Keith Green. I doubt you’ll hear a song that you don’t like and most likely you will remember!

Once again a big thanks to folks who consistently walk with FULL CIRCLE to be sure you get to hear the next episode. Many ask how they can help but these folks and a few others come through, time after time.

Paul French, Phil Durham, William and Linda Schaaff, Tom Tatlow, Denzel Polliock, Scott Pinto, David and Diana Hoy and of course my webmaster Steven Weyhrich!! Thank you all so much. You’re on the honor role in my book for sure. Hopefully others will join you after they hear this next show!!

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