Remembering Upon This Rock On Episode #155

On Feb 24, 2008, Jesus music pioneer Larry Norman passed away.  Many called him the Father of Christian Rock and during his career and according to Wikipedia he recorded and produced over 100 records.

In 1969 Norman recorded Upon This Rock, “the first commercially released Jesus rock album”.  On Episode #155, we’ll remember this landmark project and feature some of those unforgettable songs, classics like You Can’t Take Away The Lord, Ha Ha World, Nothing Really Changes and the memorable Sweet, Sweet Song Of Salvation.

Since Norman’s first professional release, more than 100 of his own albums have been released through such commercial record labels as Capitol, MGM, Verve and his own independent labels:  One Way Records, Solid Rock Records, Street Level Records and Phydeaux Records.

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A Timely Word of Encouragment

Hey everyone, when a few weeks go by without a posting or a new show…it’s just an indicator of how slow things are here at FULL CIRCLE.  But, I don’t want to dry up and blow away and so this letter this week…came at the right time!!

Thanks Jerry for a great show. It really inspires me. I realized, while skimming ITUNES, that your show is a real bargain. If, everyone who was going to spend $10 for an ITUNES album were to send that money to Full Circle Jesus Music, they would get an album’s worth of great songs and some good sound teaching and testimony.

Well, I’m off to your site to send some money for a wonderful show.  Again, Thanks.

Shane                                                                                                                                                    Cross Plains, Wisc.

Thanks Shane for your encouragement and believing in what we want FULL CIRCLE to be…and inspiration.  Hang on, we’re working on a show with a lot of your early Jesus music favorites.