“300” Episode #300

Hi Everybody,

300 has been produced! It’s hard for even me to believe, but this is the 300th Episode of FULL CIRCLE!! I’m so grateful for so many of you that have been part of the community. Steven Weyhrich, Paul French, Craig Dinsmore, Tom Tatlow, Denzel Polliock, Angelo Phillips, Joshua Inman, Gregory Lord, David Fleser, Bob Henninger, Glenn Christiansen and so many, many more who have been faithful to pray and support this ministry!! Thank you!!

Others have asked how much time and finance does each episode cost. Well, I can’t really say but usually 8 hours is required to write, pick out songs, record, edit, publish on the website, post and maintain the internet site, promote, licensing, etc, etc. I don’t charge per hour. I’m not salaried and the show is free to all. Whatever you send helps cover it all. That’s about it.

On Episode 300 you’ll hear from early pioneers of Jesus music, Paul Clark, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Chuck Girard, Honeytree, the late Keith Green and more. Give a listen and feel free to share with others!

Enjoy and thanks for hanging out with me on radio stations and multiple internet sites for all these episodes!!

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