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Episode 150

hits of the 70’s
Front Seat, Back Seat – Love Song
The Son Comes Over The Hill – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Michael Omartian – Fat City
Go Tell Them – DeGarmo & Key
Song To My Parents – Keith Green
Gotta Do Better Than This – Matthew Ward
When He Returns – Bob Dylan
Come And Join Us – Petra
Disappointment – Phil Keaggy
First Prayer – Randy Stonehill
The Outlaw – Larry Norman

Episode 149

the best
The Best – Bob Bennett
Everything Always Works Out For The Best – BJ Thomas
Spend My Life With You – Phil Keaggy
I’m Yours – Jamie Owens-Collins
Look What Has Happened To Me – Amy Grant
One Step Closer – Scott Wesley Brown
Undecided – Sweet Comfort Band
Jesus, You’re So Wonderful – Andrus, Blackwood & Co.
What Can I Do For You – The Imperials
Follow You – David Meece
Hold On – Matthew Ward

Episode 148

a time to laugh
When The Meat Wagon Comes For You – Gary S Paxton
Body Builder – Jim Gill
Leave It To Squirrellie, Part 2 – Isaac Air Freight
Mississippi Squirrel Revival – Ray Stevens
Mother, Muffler, Mozart & The Beatles – David Meece
Cosmetic Fixation – Randy Stonehill
Meltdown (at Madame Tussaud’s) – Steve Taylor
Outdoor Elvis – The Swirling Eddies
Jungle Music – Servant
Mr. Jonah – Bobby Dee & The Scam

Episode 147

resurrection theme
Treasures – Honeytree
Four Feet Eleven – Evie
Which Side Are You On? – The Hope
Evening Song – Northbound
Here He Comes With My Heart – Leslie Phillips
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today – Scott Wesley Brown
To Fill Our Empty Hearts – Benny Hester
Sacrifice Of Love – Resurrection Band
I Am The Resurrection – Undercover
Easter Song – Keith Green

Episode 146

ancient tunes
David & Goliath / I’m Going Home (Medley) – Glass Harp
It’s Been Set Down – The Exkursions
Freedom – Millennium
Presence Of The Lord – Infinity Plus Three (with Mark Heard)
Comin’ Home To Jesus – The Talbot Brothers
On My Way – Aslan
He Lives – Sounds Of Joy
Tick Tock – Alpha Band
Rejoice – The E Band

Episode 145

Petra classics
Let Everything That Hath Breath – Petra
Never Say Die – Petra
Stand Up – Petra
Pied Piper – Petra
Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows – Petra
Judas’ Kiss – Petra
Chameleon – Petra
Road To Zion – Petra
Godpleaser – Petra

Episode 144

history makers
Find A Way – Amy Grant
You Need A Savior – Michael W. Smith
Sky King (Across the Sky) – Daniel Amos
Whatever Happened To Sin? – Steve Taylor
Mask Of The Great Deceiver – Kerry Livgren
Soldiers Under Command – Stryper
One Of The Dominoes – Mark Heard
Heart Of The Matter – Bob Bennett
The Final Word – Michael Card

Episode 143

tribute to early pioneers

Kevin Thomson and Dana Key
Get Ready – Sweet Comfort Band
The Lord Is Calling – Sweet Comfort Band
Hold On Tight – Sweet Comfort Band
You Need A Reason – Sweet Comfort Band
Wayfaring Stranger – DeGarmo & Key
Let Him Help You Today – DeGarmo & Key
You Gave Me All – DeGarmo & Key
When It’s Over – DeGarmo & Key
Here, There Or In The Air – Dana Key

Episode 142

Tonight’s Your Night – Peter Beveridge
Change My Heart – Fireworks
It’s Alright – Phil Johnson & Kim Perry
Changed In A Moment – Wayne Watson
The Second Coming Sunset – Matthews, Taylor and Johnson
Changed Hearts – Sweet Comfort Band
Hold On – Forerunner
The Warrior – Chuck Girard
Changes – Love Song
Make A Change – Phil Keaggy
Rest – Mustard Seed Faith

Episode 141

beautiful music
Beautiful Music – Amy Grant
Beautiful Day – Karen Lafferty
Happy Man – BJ Thomas
How Can I Thank You Enough – James Vincent
Heart Of A King – Hope Of Glory
Wind On A Summer Night – The Wall Brothers Band
Making Melody In My Heart – Honeytree
By His Work – Janny Grein
Pleasure Servin’ You – Jamie Owens-Collins
Wind On A Summer Night – The Wall Brothers Band
Full Circle – Nedra Ross

Episode 140

look back at 1979
Bringin’ The Message – Messenger
Got To Believe – Sweet Comfort Band
Stand Up – The Archers
Livin’ On The Edge Of Dyin’ – The DeGarmo & Key Band
Take A Hand – Chuck Girard
Dear John Letter (To The Devil) – Keith Green
I Believe In You – Bob Dylan
Jesus On My Mind – B.J. Thomas
Ever Since The Day – Tim Sheppard
Steeple Song – Don Francisco
A Friend So True – Kelly Willard

Episode 139

new day
New Day – Fireworks
New Day – Jamie Owens-Collins
Every New Day – Dave Perkins
New World Coming – Bryn Haworth
New Jersey Wife – Dion
Brand New Start – Amy Grant
A Brand New Song – Love Song
New Life In Me – Denny Correll
A New Beginning – Silverwind
Make Me New – Twila Paris
Making My Life Brand New – David Meece

Episode 138

divine attributes
You – Keith Green
Dr. Jesus – Michael And Stormie Omartian
Guardian Angel – Randy Matthews
Can I Get To You From Here – Benny Hester
Everywhere I Go – Amy Grant
Hardened Hearts – Allies
Breaking Through – Silverwind
Keep No Secrets – Morgan Cryar
Cut It Away – Rob Frazier
Miracles – The Imperials
I Know Power – Fireworks

Episode 137

tribute To Tom Howard

One More Reason – Tom Howard
Blessed Are The Children – Tom Howard
To Learn By Living – Tom Howard
Iron and Steel – Larry Norman
Shine Your Light – Tom Howard
House Of The Father – Tom Howard
Least Of These – Wendell Burton
Think On These Things – Tom Howard & Bill Batstone
Show Me The Shepherd – Tom Howard
Farther On – Randy Stonehill

Episode 136

early steps on the journey

You’re Loved Tonight – Randy Stonehill
My Heart Belongs To Him – Mylon LeFevre
Rejoice – Servant
Full Immersion Ocean Water Baptism By The Sea – Chuck Girard
The Word – Michael Card
Pray Where You Are – Lost Dogs
Go Tell Them – DeGarmo & Key
Temptation Boogie – Carman
Give It All – Andrus, Blackwood & Co

Episode 135

giving and thanking
I’ll Give My Life Away – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Give Your Life Away – Scott Wesley Brown
Give It All – Tim Sheppard
Give It Away – Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart
Givin’ It Up – Marty Mccall & Fireworks
Give It Up and Surrender – Dion Dimucci
Thank You Lord – Dion Dimucci
Thank You Lord – Dan Peek
Thank You Jesus – Keith Green
Thank You – Steve Camp
Thank God – Servant
One More Reason – Tom Howard

Episode 134

He’s coming back!
He Is Coming – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Here He Comes – Michael Omartian
We Expect You – Andrae Crouch & The Disciples
When The Lord Comes Back – Pat Terry Group
The Last Trumpet – John Michael Talbot
The Coming Of The Son Of Man – Tyler & Dave
We All Know He’s Coming – Benny Hester
Are You Ready? – David Meece
Ready Or Not – DeGarmo & Key
Get Right Or Get Left – Farrell & Farrell

Episode 133

ABC’s part two

Like A Morning Star – Karen Lafferty
Morning Star – Malcolm & Alwyn
Larry Norman’s 97th Nightmare – Larry Norman
Only You – Jamie Owens-Collins
Power and Glory – Dan Peek
Road To Heaven – Scott Roley
Somebody Loves You – Sweet Comfort Band
Takin’ Me Higher – Terry Talbot
Excuse Us – Undercover
Mannequin Virtue – Vector
Which Way The Wind Blows – Wall Bros Band

Episode 132

ABC’s part one
A Place For Love – Ark
Break My Heart – Wendell Burton
Celebrate The Child – Michael Card
Daddy Says – Dion
Echos Of The Spirit – Joe English
Family – Fireworks
God Loves A Broken Heart – Jon Gibson
Heart of Hearts – Mark Heard
In The Promised Land – Imperials
Jealous Love – Martyn Joseph
King Of The Jews – Phil Keaggy

Episode 131

Christmas Episode
God With Us – Bob Bennett
I Saw Three Ships – Bob Bennett
Both Things – Bob Bennett
Do You Hear What I Hear – Michele Pillar
Song Of Mary (Holy Is The Lord) – Michele Pillar
This Christmas – Bryan Duncan
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Bryan Duncan
And On That Day – Phil Keaggy
Best Christmas Morn – Phil Keaggy
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Phil Keaggy

Episode 130

special guest: Randy Stonehill
Glory And The Flame – Randy Stonehill
Norman’s Kitchen – Randy Stonehill
Good News – Randy Stonehill
Mystery Highway – Randy Stonehill And Phil Keaggy
Trouble Coming – Randy Stonehill
Big Ideas (In a Shrinking World) – Randy Stonehill
Die Young – Randy Stonehill
I’ve Got News For You – Randy Stonehill

Episode 129

the summer of 1978
I Feel Free – Pat Terry
Counting The Days – Seawind
Adam Where Are You? – Don Francisco
Where Is My Maker? – Phil Keaggy
Brand New Life – Wendell Burton
comments by Scott Wesley Brown
I Wish You Jesus – Scott Wesley Brown
Gather In His Name – Steve Camp
Fresh Surrender – The Archers
What A Difference You’ve Made – Amy Grant
Don’t Look Back – Fireworks
Earthmaker – Farrell & Farrell

Episode 128

Light The Light – Seawind
Holy Light – The Front
More Than Sunlight – Mustard Seed Faith
Light Of The World – Randy Stonehill
Light Of The World – Marvin & Gentry with Dan Peek
Light Of The World – Michael Card
Lightshine – Paul D. David
Lightning Flash – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Light Of Love – Leslie Phillips
Light Your Candle – Steve Camp
Shine Your Light – Larry Norman

Episode 127

Sparrow Music
Dance With You – Annie Herring
Dance – Scott Wesley Brown
He Is Risen – John Michael Talbot
Gospel Light – Terry Talbot
Straight Ahead – Deniece Williams
Streets Of Innocence – Margaret Becker
Silver And Run – Mike & Kathie Deasy
Clouds – Barry McGuire
Rod And Staff – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Make My Life A Prayer To You – Keith Green

Episode 126

Jesus music duets
I Could Never Say Goodbye – Randy Stonehill and Amy Grant
Nobody Loves Me Like You – DeGarmo ∓ Key and Amy Grant
Friends – Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant
Friends – Ernie Rettino and Debbie Kerner
After All Those Years – Farrell & Farrell
Love’s Not A Feeling – Steve Camp and Michele Pillar
Safe – Steve Archer and Marilyn McCoo
In The World – Solveig Leithaug and Larry Norman
Drifting – Sheila Walsh and Cliff Richard
comments by Phil Keaggy
Beneath Your Wings – Phil Keaggy and Geri Bobeck

Episode 125

rejection, healing and worship
Who Will Be My Friend? – Andy Pratt
Find Your Way To Me – Randy Stonehill
Wait For The Healing – Amy Grant
Healing – Dion DiMucci
Healings – Bob Bennett
Talk To Me Gently – Bryan Duncan
I Praise You, I Thank You, I Love You – Matthews, Taylor and Johnson
We Bow Down – Twila Paris
Praise Him – Ed Raetzloff
The Name Of Jesus Is Excellent – Scott Wesley Brown

Episode 124

live albums
Hallelujah/Jesus Is The Answer – Andrae Crouch & The Disciples
Hymn – Noel Paul Stookey
Pamela – Danny Taylor
Sunny Day – Randy Matthews
He’s Coming Back – Barry McGuire
Love Broke Thru – Phil Keaggy
I Fall In Love / Change – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Guitar Song – Mickey & Becki Moore
A Love Song – Love Song
Jesus Came Into My Life – Benny Hester

Episode 123

request show
No One Believes In Me Anymore – Keith Green
Jesus Is Everywhere – Denny Correll
You’re All I Need – Daniel Band
I’ve Searched All Around – Larry Norman
Clean – Petra
Hiding In The Shadows – Leslie Phillips
Jamie – Crumbächer
Streets Of Las Vegas – Benny Hester
The Now And The Not Yet – Amy Grant
If We Are The Light – Denice Williams
Is It Love? – Kelly Willard

Episode 122

walking with Jesus / special guest: Barry McGuire
Walk It On Your Own – Pat Terry Group
Walkin’ On – Jamie Owens-Collins
Faith Walkin’ People – Amy Grant
Walkin’ In The Light – Petra
Walk On Water – Andrus, Blackwood & Co.
Barry McGuire, pt 1
Walk In The Sonshine – Barry McGuire
Barry McGuire, pt 2
Happy Road – Barry McGuire
Barry McGuire, pt 3
Communion Song – Barry McGuire
Barry McGuire, pt 4
Walked A Mile – Barry McGuire
Barry McGuire, pt 5
There Is A Peace – Barry McGuire

Episode 121

sleeping / obedience
Sleeper – DeGarmo ∓ Key
Fat Baby – Amy Grant
Starving Sinner, Sleeping Saint – B.J. Thomas
Wake Up Sleeper – Ron Moore
Frozen Rivers – After The Fire
Asleep In The Light – Steve Camp
Letters To The Church – Larry Norman
To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice – Keith Green
To Obey Him – Kelly Willard
Trust And Obey – John Fischer
Just Obey – Lisa Whelchel
One Thing – Charlie Peacock

Episode 120

request show / New Wave music
UFO – Pat Boone
Oh Jesus – Little Bobby Emmons & The Crosstones
His Love Is Reaching Out For You – Karen Lafferty
It’s So Good – Found Free
Born Again – The Latinos
Not Going To Fall Away – Sheila Walsh & Steve Taylor
Central Theme – Daniel Amos
Lamb Chops – Weber And The Buzztones
Fade To Glory – Quickflight
Jesus Trip – Ishmael United
I Don’t Understand Your Love – After The Fire

Episode 119


While I’m Waiting For You – Bob Ayala
Waiting For You – Oden Fong
Waiting For You – Greg X. Volz
Awaiting Your Reply – Resurrection Band
Waiting For A Love’s That’s Real – Stryper
It’s A Good Thing – Kenny Marks
I Belong To You – Kathy Troccoli
Don’t You Worry – Allies
Stop The World – Randy Stonehill
Lookin’ Out For Number One – Wayne Watson
Eyes On The Clouds – Albrecht, Roley & Moore

Episode 118

keeping on
It’s The Small Things – Kathy Troccoli
One Body – Will McFarlane
Pressing On – Scott Wesley Brown
Pressing On – Bob Dylan
Pressing On – David Meece
Keep It On Going – Amy Grant
Keeping My Eyes On Him – Geoff Moore & The Distance
Covenant Keeper – Twila Paris
Don’t Look Back – Greg X Volz
Silent Witness – Bob Ayala
Jericho – DeGarmo & Key

Episode 117

“Firewind” musical
Firewind Intro, New Jerusalem – Annie Herring
Make Me Worthy – Terry Talbot
See The Vision – Barry McGuire
The Victor – Matthew Ward
Would You Crucify Him – John Michael Talbot
Sharing – Terry Talbot and Annie Herring
Walk and Talk – Keith Green
Die For My Jesus – Barry McGuire
Firewind Reprise

Episode 116

songs from May 1984
Spin Your Light – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Spreading All Over The World – Wendell Burton
Following The King – tt
Holiness – Don Francisco
I’ve Heard The Thunder – Leon Patillo
Blinded Eyes – Petra
Savior – Edin-Ådahl
Just Another Reason – Connie Scott
Heart To Heart – Servant
He Lives In Me – Rick Cua
What A Love – Phil Keaggy

Episode 115

rare cuts / songs about peace
Closer To Jesus – The Imperials
Alright Now – Randy Stonehill
It’s Only Today That Counts – Larry Norman
Stand By Me – After The Fire
Cosmic Mailman – Jocob’s Trouble
Thank You – Teri Desario
Love, Peace, Joy – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Peace – Jamie Owens-Collins
Break That Ground – Gary Rand
All Is Peace – Amaziah
Peace – Bob Ayala

Episode 114

request show
Jesus On The Airwaves – John Pantry
Over And Over Again – Richie Furay
Prodigal’s Regret (Never Should Have Left You) – Sweet Comfort Band
Always Waiting – Randall Waller
Fear Only You – The Choir
Read The Book (Don’t Wait For The Movie) – White Heart
Love In My Life – Sheila Walsh
Sacrifice Of Love – Resurrection Band
Ugly Louise – Dove
White Seagull – Albrecht, Roley & Moore

Episode 113

special guest: Jonathan David Brown (Seth)
Voice Of God Cry Out – Glass Harp
Brother Son and Sister Moon – John Michael Talbot
Closer To God – The Way
Goin’ Home – Good News
Jonathan David Brown, pt 1
Help The Man – Seth
Jonathan David Brown, pt 2
Until I Found The Lord – Seth
Jonathan David Brown, pt 3
Thanks, All Day Long – Seth
Jonathan David Brown, pt 4
Keep The Fire Burning – Seth

Episode 112

Maranatha! sampler albums
Can I Show You – Children Of The Day
I’ll Just Depend On Him – Kelly Willard
Old Age – Al Barrington
Nursery Rhyme – Chuck Butler
Jesus Is Standing Here – Wing And A Prayer
Father’s Arms – Daniel Amos
Glory To God – Richie Furay
He’s Always There – Oden Fong
Love Is The Key – Tommy Coomes
Walking On The Water – Tom & Sherry Green
He’ll Be Coming In The Clouds – Fred Field

Episode 111

songs inspired by the Book of Revelation
Sail Away – Bob & Joy Cull
Jesus Keeps Takin’ Me Higher – Amplified Version
Days Of Noah – The Way
I’ve Been Sealed – The Way
First Love – Amy Grant
Faithful – Randy Stonehill
Come To The Cross – Dion DiMucci
Angel Of Light – Petra
Wake Up – Joe English
Your Steadfast Love – Phil Keaggy
We Can Overcome It All – David Meece

Episode 110

with special guest: Bob Bennett
In The Wilderness – Paul Clark
Trust In The Lord – John Mehler
Bob Bennett, pt 1
As The Ruin Falls – Phil Keaggy
Bob Bennett, pt 2
Epistle – Mark Heard
Bob Bennett, pt 3
Matters Of The Heart – Bob Bennett
All The Diamonds In The World – Bruce Cockburn
Bob Bennett, pt 4
Carpentar Gone Bad – Bob Bennett
Yours Alone – Bob Bennett
Bob Bennett, pt 5
Can’t Stop Runnin’ – Roby Duke
Bob Bennett, pt 6
Lord Of The Past – Bob Bennett

Episode 109

acoustic Jesus music / special guest Brian Gentry
Walking With Our Lord – Phil Keaggy
Bless My Soul – Mark Heard
Strange Weapons – Garth Hewitt
Spiritual Equation – Bob Bennett
special guest Brian Gentry
Cowboy Stories – Marvin & Gentry
Gently Flowing Feeling – Albrecht & Roley
I Have Decided – Michael Card
I Am Your Servant – Honeytree
Only Time For Love – Dogwood
Blessed – Lazarus
Talk About Suffering – Phil Keaggy

Episode 108

live concert tracks
Jesus Is A Waymaker – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Hollywood Lies – Terry Talbot
Hollywood High – David Edwards
Sweet Song Of Salvation – Larry Norman
Soldier’s Song – Vision
Someone’s Got A Hold Of Me – Fireworks
Jesus People – Barry McGuire
Just The Same – Phil Keaggy & A Band Called David
Light Of The World – DeGarmo & Key
Acoustic Set – Petra

Episode 107

special guest Annie Herring (2nd Chapter of Acts), part 2
Gospel Ship – Mylon LeFevre
Walk Your Talk – Scott Wesley Brown
Silver And Run – Mike & Kathie Deasy
He Loves You – Silverwind
Temple To The Sky – Leon Patillo
Like A Wind – Edin-Ådahl
When God Ran – Benny Hester
Looking At God’s Son – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Annie Herring, pt 1
Keep On Shinin’ – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Annie Herring, pt 2
Good News – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Annie Herring, pt 3
Hey Whatcha Say? (live) – 2nd Chapter of Acts

Episode 106

special guest Annie Herring (2nd Chapter of Acts)
Lamplighter – Terry Talbot
Walk In The Sunshine – Jamie Owens-Collins
When The Mist Has Rolled Away – Barry McGuire
Potrait-2 – AD
Can’t Stop – In 3D
That Morning – Fred Field
Annie Herring, pt 1
Make My Life A Prayer To You – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Annie Herring, pt 2
He Loves Me – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Annie Herring, pt 3
Which Way The Wind Blows -2nd Chapter of Acts

Episode 105

70s vintage vinyl
Let The Music Move Me – Stephen Alexandersen
Salvation – Overland Stage
I’m Going Home – First Gear
Led To Roam – Liberation Suite
Opening/Do You Need Somebody? – Dove
My Friend – Seth
Holy Boldness – Wendell Burton
Down To Business – Roby Duke
Never Had A Reason – Silverwind
Come Back – Benny Hester
Morning Sun – James Ward
The United Saints Of America – Jim Gill

Episode 104

the miracles of Jesus
The Wedding – Michael Card
The Healer – Steven Soles
Carpenter’s Son – Pam Mark Hall
Nothing Is Impossible – John Pantry
Miracle In Me – Randy Adams
Miracle Man – David Martin
Closer To Jesus – Don Francisco
That’s The Way – Pat Terry Group
White As Snow – James Felix
All Things Are Possible – Dan Peek
Miracle – Ernie Rettino & Debby Kerner

Episode 103

from band to solo artist
Freedom – Love Song
Rock ‘n Roll Preacher – Chuck Girard
The Answer – Glass Harp
Take Me Closer – Phil Keaggy
Childish Things – Sweet Comfort Band
Livin’ On The Bright Side – Bryan Duncan
Jerusalem – Darrell Mansfield
Get Ready – Darrell Mansfield Band
Second Wind – Petra
Still Waters – Greg X. Volz

Episode 102

Romans 5:1-9
Not By Sight – Petra
Love Never Fails – Servant
Grace By Which I Stand – Keith Green
I’m On My Way – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
Trust In You – Matthew Ward
All We Need – John Fischer
Not Guilty – Sheila Walsh
I’m Forgiven – David Eastman
The Deeper Meaning – The Imperials
Until Your Love Broke Thru – Randy Stonehill
You Shall Be Saved – Larry Norman

Episode 101

request show / special guest: Michael Omartian
Contender – Sweet Comfort Band
I Will Follow – Brush Arbor
All To Him – Denny Correll
Fast Forward – Prodigal
Someone To Trust – David Edwards
Without Love – Tonio K
Boys And Girls – Undercover
Michael Omartian, pt 1
Add Up The Wonders – Michael Omartian
Michael Omartian, pt 2
Annie The Poet – Michael Omartian
Michael Omartian, pt 3
White Horse – Michael Omartian