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Episode 100

one hundredth episode!
Love Broke Through – Phil Keaggy
King Of Hearts – Randy Stonehill
Silent Love – Russ Taff
El Shaddai – Amy Grant
commentary by Chuck Girard
A Love Song – Love Song
Jeremiah – Michael Omartian
commentary by Annie Herring
Which Way The Wind Blows – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Gotta Serve Somebody – Bob Dylan
Death Comes To Us All – Larry Norman
I Wish We’d All Been Ready – Larry Norman
memories of Keith & Melody Green by Cindy Bryant
Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful (live) – Keith Green

Episode 99

songs from 1978
All Things – Glad
Breakin’ The Ice – Sweet Comfort Band
Sayin’ It With Love – Steve Camp
Be Ready – Hope Of Glory
I Can’t Believe It’s True – David Meece
The Last World Series Report – Isaac Airfreight
Bible Land – Terry Talbot
Mansion Builder – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Cosmic Cowboy – Barry McGuire
Walk With Me – Kelly Willard
Soften Your Heart – Keith Green

Episode 98

special guest: Glenn Kaiser (Resurrection Band)
Caught In An Unguarded Moment – The 77’s
Are You Ready – DeGarmo & Key
Right On Time – Resurrection Band
Growin’ Stronger – Resurrection Band
Sun Come Up – Charlie Peacock
Rushing Wind – Keith Green
I’m In Chains – Mark Heard
The Man I Used To Be – Resurrection Band
The Return – Resurrection Band
The Struggle – Resurrection Band

Episode 97

requests for the old guys
It’s All Waiting – Paul Clark
Jesus, Lover Of Men – The Knights Of The Lord’s Table
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell – Sammy Hall
Sunlight Fell On Me – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
Let Your Sun Shine – Harvest
It Took A Long Time To Get To You – Ed Raetzloff
Common Ground – Phil McHugh
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music – Geoff Moore & The Distance
The Well (Will Never Run Dry) – David & The Giants
Make It Right – Kenny Marks
Captain – Randy Matthews

Episode 96

with guest co-host: Michael Card
Why – Michael Card
Michael Card, pt 1
Gabriel’s Mother’s Highway Ballad – Noel Paul Stookey
Michael Card, pt 2
The Mystery – John Michael & Terry Talbot
Michael Card, pt 3
So You Want To Go Back To Egypt – Keith Green
Lay It All Down – Brown Bannister
Michael Card, pt 4
El Shaddai – Amy Grant
Michael Card, pt 5
Scandalon – Michael Card
Michael Card, pt 6
The Nazarene – Michael Card
Michael Card, pt 7
Joseph’s Song – Michael Card
That’s What Faith Must Be – Michael Card
Michael Card, pt 8
Known By The Scars – Michael Card

Episode 95

rare gems
Walk On Water – Little Anthony
Givin’ It Up – Bonnie Bramlett
I Want To Know You – Philip Bailey
The Hands Of God – Dave Eastman
Love And A Helping Hand – Cliff Richard
The Executioner – Graham Kendrick
Because Of You – Keith Green
We’re Not Gonna Make It Together – Ralph Carmichael and the Young People
Water Of Life – Chenaniah
Water Of Life – Quickflight
Somebody Loves Me – Geri Baird

Episode 94

memories of Jesus Solid Rock
Rock And Roll Preacher – Chuck Girard
Thief In The Night – Cliff Richard
Snatchin’ All The Children From The Pits Of Hell – Danny Taylor
Echoes Of The Spirit – Joe English
My Tribute (To God Be The Glory) – Andrae Crouch & The Disciples
It Took A Carpenter – Randy Matthews
Jesus Solid Rock intro, circa 1978
commentary by Tony Suits about Jesus Solid Rock
I Can’t Believe It – Keith Green
Let Us Be One – Love Song
Praise Hymn/The Gift – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart

Episode 93

the fruit of the Spirit
Actions Speak Louder Than Words – Eric Champion
Faithful Love – Kelly Willard
Everlasting Joy – Paul Smith
Peace That Passes Understanding – Wayne Watson
Suffering For The Lord – Jim Gill
Your Kindness – Leslie Phillips
You Sure Have Been Good To Me – Karen Lafferty
Faithful – Randy Stonehill
Gentle Eyes – Phil Keaggy
Soul Control – Gary S. Paxton
Still In The Spirit – Dion DiMucci

Episode 92

request show
Brighter Day – Randy Stonehill
Strong Love, Strange Peace with Diamonds – Steve Camp
A New Man’s Song – Paul Clark
King Of The Jews – Phil Keaggy
commentary by Rick McVicar
Hold Me Jesus (Dona Nobis Pacem) – Rich Mullins
Holy Light – The Front
People In A Box – Farrell & Farrell
I’ll Have Enough – One Truth
Psalm 5 – The Road Home
Too Bad – Ron Salsbury & The JC Power Outlet
Let Everything That Hath Breath – The E Band

Episode 91

rooted in the 70s
Weight Of The World – Rob Frazier
Hope Of The Broken Hearted – Bryan Duncan
Vision – Russ Taff
Cup Of Water – Servant
I Will Exalt – Jim & Jerome
Fly Me – Alwyn Wall Band
Don’t Hide Your Heart – Sheila Walsh
Bartimaeus – Ishmael United
Prayer For The Children – Allies
The Gentle Healer – Michael Card
Servants And Witnesses – Greg X. Volz

Episode 90

songs inspired by the book of Joshua / the blues
Be Strong And Courageous – Michael W. Smith
What You Did For Me – Deniece Williams
It’s Mad – Jerusalem
You Only Go Round Once – Dion DiMucci
Get Back To The Bible – Petra
You Gotta Move – Lost Dogs
Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Kaiser/Mansfield
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven – Larry Howard
Put Your Life Into His Hands – Larry Norman
Oklahoma Blues – DeGarmo & Key

Episode 89

a time of passion
For Heaven’s Sake – Age Of Faith
Where Would I Be – Denny Correll
Lead Me To The Water – Bryan Duncan
Stephen – All Saved Freak Band
Hallelu – John Michael Talbot
How Long – Idle Cure
Happy – Phil Keaggy
Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Number’s Up? – Steve Taylor
No You May Not – Andrus, Blackwood & Co.
Take Me To The End – Greg X. Volz
Let Your First Thought Be Love – White Heart

Episode 88

request show / songs from September 1988
The Man From Galilee – Larry Norman
Every Night, Every Day – Darrell Mansfield
commentary by Bryan Duncan
Childish Things – Sweet Comfort Band
Finally – Gary Chapman
I Never Understood – Wall Brothers Band
Little Faith – Barnabas
That’s What Faith Must Be – Michael Card
Find Me – Margaret Becker
Saved By Love – Amy Grant
Did I Forget To Say – Tim Miner
His Eyes – Steven Curtis Chapman

Episode 87

Take A Stand – Glad
Noah’s Ark – Scott Wesley Brown
Never Turnin’ Back – Bruce Hibbard
Turn Around – Gentle Faith
The Witness – Mike Johnson
Caroline – Nutshell
Born Two Times – John & Kathy, Shane & Alice
Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine – Lindy Hearne
You Can’t Stand Up Alone – Daybreak
Carrying On – Fireworks
Highway To Heaven – David & The Giants

Episode 86

special guest: Don Dalton (New Creation Singers)
It Is A Good Thing To Give Thanks – New Creation Singers
How Much Do You Think You Are Worth? – Graham Kendrick
I’ve Never Had To Go This Far Before – Jamie Owens-Collins
Perfect Peace/I Will Sing – New Creation Singers
Don Dalton, pt 1
Anyone But Jesus – Barry McGuire
Can’t Work Your Way To Heaven – Mustard Seed Faith
Asleep In The Light – Keith Green
Fruit – New Creation Singers
Don Dalton, pt 2
Font Seat, Back Seat – New Creation Singers
Don Dalton, pt 3
What Will You Do With Jesus – New Creation Singers

Episode 85

place of freedom
Trust In God – Allies
You Can Still Walk Tall – Randy Stonehill
Things Are Getting Better – Malcolm & Alwyn
What A Wonder You Are – Phil Keaggy
Crucible Of Love – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Rubber Canoe – Benny Hester
Let The Whole World Know – Farrell & Farrell
Ask Him In – Petra
Sing Over Me – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Thank You Jesus – Terry Clark
Ready To Fly – Oden Fong

Episode 84

Full Circle by the numbers
One On One – Steve Camp
One Thing Leads To Another – Leon Patillo
Two Trusting Jesus – Mark Heard
Half Past Three – Michael & Stormie Omartian
Four Horsemen – Randy Matthews
Psalm 5 – The Road Home
Six Sixty Six – Larry Norman
Seventy Times Seven – David Meece
(It’s The Eighties, So Where’s Our) Rocket Packs – Daniel Amos
Heaven’s 911 – Eddie DeGarmo
The Tenth Song – Adam Again

Episode 83

Jesus music festivals
(Near Sighted Girl With Approaching) Tidal Wave – Daniel Amos
Summer Snow – Matthew Ward
Ark – Arkangel
Addey – DeGarmo & Key
For Annie – Petra
The Last Letter – Michael W. Smith
Tonight – Rob Frazier
This Love’s For Real – Crystal Lewis
Rested In Your Love – Roby Duke
Winning Back The Rock – Geoff Moore
Rock Band – Fireworks

Episode 82

sampling of the 80s
Just What I Need – Prodigal
Forget Your Hexagram – Larry Norman
Whole Lot Different, Whole Lot The Same – Charlie Peacock
Help Is On The Way – Steve Camp
Help Is On The Way – Bryan Duncan
Brand New Start – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Matters Of The Heart – Bob Bennett
I Don’t Wanna Wander – Pantano/Salsbury
You Weren’t Meant To Live Your Life Alone – Benny Hester
Sail Me Away – Daniel Amos
When The Son Begins To Reign – DeGarmo & Key

Episode 81

Jesus music festivals
Something More – Blessed Hope
Feel The Love – Love Song
Because Of You (live) – Keith Green
Colours – Resurrection Band
Plugged In – Randy Matthews
Melody, Harmony – Sweet Comfort Band
Living In The Sunshine – Gentle Faith
The Lust, The Flesh The Eyes & The Pride Of Life (live) – The 77’s
I’m Looking Through You – Mark Heard
Soon And Very Soon – Andrae Crouch & The Disciples
Nobody’s Gonna Bring Me Down – Charlie Peacock

Episode 80

special guest: Don Francisco
Different World – Gary S. Paxton
Aim For The Heart – Paul Clark
Press On – Joe English
Physical – The Lifesavors
Black And White In A Grey World – Leslie Phillips
commentary by Larry Norman
Shot Down – Larry Norman
Don Francisco, pt 1
Jesus Is The Lord Of The Way I Feel – Don Francisco
Don Francisco, pt 2
I Don’t Care Where You’ve Been Sleeping – Don Francisco
Don Francisco, pt 3
He’s Alive! – Don Francisco
Don Francisco, pt 4
Got To Tell Somebody – Don Francisco

Episode 79

running the race
Maranatha Marathon – Honeytree
Runner – Twila Paris
Keep On Walkin’ – Dogwood
The Army Of The Lord – Harvest
I’ve Got Confidence – Andrae Crouch & The Disciples
Be With Me Jesus – Al Green
Sail On – The Imperials
Good News – Glad
Noah – Jerusalem
I Know – Edin-Ådahl
Fool’s Wisdom – Malcolm & Alwyn
Fool’s Wisdom – Phil & John

Episode 78

special guest: Dallas Holm
I’ve Got News For You – Cliff Richard
Didn’t He – Randy Matthews
How Can You Say No – Billy Sprague
I Need You – Pantano/Salsbury
Youth With A Machine – Daniel Amos
Nobody Wants To Die – John Fischer
This Is The Way Love Is – The 77’s
Hey, I’m A Believer – Dallas Holm
Jesus Knows Your Hurt – Dallas Holm & Praise
Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life – Dallas Holm & Praise

Episode 77

tribute to Marie Sue Chapman
special guest: David Meece
Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else But You – David Meece
I Will Be Here – Steven Curtis Chapman
Safe Harbor – Marvin & Gentry
Rest – Kelly Willard
Emily – Randy Stonehill
See You On The Other Side – Morgan Cryar
Take Me To The Comfort – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
Be In Time – Phil Keaggy
Peace – Barry McGuire
Learning To Trust – David Meece

Episode 76

artists of the 70s and cross-over artists of the 80s
Give Them All – Evie
Wood Between The Worlds – Bob Ayala
Crossfire – Limpic & Rayburn
Something In Common – Matthews, Taylor and Johnson
Come Into His Presence – Paul Clark
He’s The One – Dion DiMucci
He’s All That’s Right – Dan Peek
Live It From Day To Day – Johnny Rivers
Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher And Higher – Leon Patillo
Free Man – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart

Episode 75

special guest: Bob Farrell (Farrell & Farrell)
Rivers – Lazarus
If There Were Only Time For Love – Dogwood
Building Block – Noel Paul Stookey
All Day Song – John Fischer
Which Side Are You On – Arlo Guthrie
Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking – Bob Dylan
special guest Bob Farrell
Put Love In Your Life – Millennium
special guest Bob Farrell
Earthmaker – Farrell & Farrell
special guest Bob Farrell
I Couldn’t Live Without You – Farrell & Farrell
All You Need – Farrell & Farrell

Episode 74

worship songs / requests
See Ye First – Maranatha! Singers (Karen Lafferty)
Heartily – The New Creation Singers
Simple Jesus Lovin’ Man – The Agape Force
To The Chief Musician – Candle
Lion Of Judah – Ted Sundquist
God Is So Good/Yahweh Is For Us – Maranatha! Singers
Holy Band – Randy Matthews
Dedicated – Vision
Break Out Of The Night – Eden
Give Me The Works – Mark Farner
Children Of Choices – Michael Gleason

Episode 73

special guests: The Archers
You’re Welcome Here – Kelly Willard
Father Of Lights – Karen Lafferty
I See The Light – Passage
Holy Rollin’ – Bryan Duncan
Stayin’ On The High Road – Eddie DeGarmo
Second Chance – Allies
What Good’s It Gonna Do You? – Pat Terry Group
The Archers, pt 1
Sanctified Life – The Archers
The Archers, pt 2
Change – The Archers
The Archers, pt 3
Jesus Is The Answer – Steve Archer

Episode 72

culture and counterculture
Little County Church – Love Song
Plugged In – Randy Matthews
Variations On A Hymn (That Hymn Thing) – Glad
Take It To The People – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
Shower The People – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
People Get Ready – Darrell Mansfield
Shine A Light – Larry Norman
God Gave Rock And Roll To You – Petra
Restless Heart – Michael W. Smith
Changed Hearts – Sweet Comfort Band
You Put This Love In My Heart – Keith Green

Episode 71

special guest: Michelle Pillar
Be A Receiver – Benny Hester
Show Them The Light – David & The Giants
The Way Of Love – Charlie Peacock
Love Broke Through – Phil Keaggy
I’ll Be A Friend To You – Kenny Marks
Hope Song – Hope Of Glory
Many Years – Seth
Michele Pillar, pt 1
Song Of Praise – Michele Pillar
Michele Pillar, pt 2
Each Day He Gives Me – Michele Pillar
Live It From Day To Day – Andrus, Blackwood & Co.

Episode 70

adult oriented sounds
Love Them Home To Me – Tim Daniels
My Turn Now – Steven Curtis Chapman
Create In Me A Clean Heart – Brown Bannister
Finally Found My Heart – The Wall Brothers
He’ll Take Care Of The Rest – Keith Green
Sidewalk Preacherman – Ark
Free People – Mustardseed
I’m Thankful – Petra
Holy Roll – Don Francisco
The Lord Of The Way I Feel – Don Francisco
Got To Tell Somebody – Don Francisco

Episode 69

artists with Myrrh Records
Walk In The Sonshine – Barry McGuire
Say It Like It Is – Malcolm & Alwyn
Which Way The Wind Blows – 2nd Chapter of Acts
You Got Me – Pat Terry Group
Old Man’s Rubble – Amy Grant
You Gave Me Love – B.J. Thomas
Don’t Look Back – Fireworks
Charlie’s Dream – Michael & Stormie Omartian
We Are The Reason – David Meece
Under His Love – Steve Camp
Nobody Knows Me Like You – Benny Hester

Episode 68

archived on the web
I Know That I Know – Stephanie Booshada
Found Someone To Love Me – Ed Raetzloff
Hallelujah – September
In The Spirit – Bob & Pauline Wilson
When I Was Alone – Sweet Comfort Band
The Trumpet Of Jesus – The Imperials
Get Ready – Darrell Mansfield Band
When He Comes Back – DeGarmo & Key
It’s Alright With Me – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Whiskey Seed – Kerry Livgren
Crossfire – Kansas

Episode 67

Jesus music from the British Isles
Don’t Turn Your Back On Jesus – Sheila Walsh
The Only Way Out – Cliff Richard
Cover For Me – Bryn Hayworth
Really Takes Care – Mark Williamson
Lead Me Through The Darkness – The Alarm
20th Century – Andy McCarroll & Moral Support
Rock With The Best Of Them – Paul Field
The Reason & The Rhyme – Garth Hewitt
Tomorrow’s News – Malcolm & Alwyn
Fly Away – Nutshell
Jesus Is Making A Comeback – Ishmael United
40 (How Long) – U2

Episode 66

Resurrection day songs
Holiday Son – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
I Am The Bread Of Life – John Michael Talbot
Known By The Scars – Michael Card
Realization – Arkangel
In The Garden – Bob Dylan
Sunday’s On The Way – Carman
He’s Alive – Don Francisco
Resurrection Day – Dave Eastman
Yes, He Lives – Sheila Walsh
Easter Song – 2nd Chapter of Acts

Episode 65

special guest: Eddie DeGarmo (DeGarmo and Key)
Gimme Mine – Mark Heard
Shopping List – Larry Bryant
Asleep In The Light – Keith Green
devotional by Melody Green
On The Edge – Steve Camp
Do Something Now – The Cause
Sing For Joy – The Imperials
Eddie DeGarmo, pt 1
Emmanuel – DeGarmo & Key
Eddie DeGarmo, pt 2
Long Distance Runner – DeGarmo & Key
Surrender – Allies

Episode 64

a tribute To the late Larry Norman
a montage of Larry Norman songs:
Righteous Rocker #3/Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus?/If God Is My Father/I Am A Servant
The Last Time – Mark Heard
Norman’s Kitchen – Randy Stonehill
comments by tobyMac (DC Talk)
I Wish We’d All Been Ready – DC Talk
The Rock That Doesn’t Roll – Larry Norman
comments by Dana Key
The Outlaw – Dana Key
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music? – Larry Norman
Song For A Small Circle Of Friends – Larry Norman
Death Comes To Us All – Larry Norman
Goodbye, Farewell – Larry Norman

Episode 63

a tribute to the 30th anniversary of
Phil Keaggy’s “The Master And The Musician”

Peace And Power – Ron Salsbury & The J.C. Power Outlet
Live In Me – Psalm 150
Something Happened – Erick Nelson
Suite Of Reflections – Phil Keaggy
Golden Halls – Phil Keaggy
Home Where I Belong – Pat Terry Group
Without A Doubt – B.J. Thomas
Deep Calls To Deep – Phil Keaggy
Medley – Phil Keaggy
Full Circle – Phil Keaggy

Episode 62

request show
Miracle Man – Randy Matthews
Mighty Wind – Terry Talbot
I Couldn’t Live Without You – Farrell & Farrell
Bring Me Thru – Leslie Phillips
Can’t Get You Outta My Mind – Resurrection Band
Rockin’ Revival – Servant
Let That Tape Keep Rolling – Larry Norman
Psalm 61 – Matthew Ward & Richard Souther
Mouthpiece – Phil Keaggy
Come Into His Presence – Paul Clark
Come For The Children – Oden Fong

Episode 61

songs about children / special guest Annie Chapman
Remarks To Mr. McLuhan – Mark Heard
A Child In Everyone’s Heart – Phil Keaggy
Goodnight Kiss – Steve & Annie Chapman
special guest Annie Chapman
Child Of The Father – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
A Child’s Love – Bryan Duncan
Time Wasters Looks At TV – Isaac Air Freight
Wasted Years – Phil & John
Hollow Man – Daniel Amos
Face I Wear – Andy Pratt
Remove The Mask – Jeff Johnson
Nowadays – Mark Heard

Episode 60

real classics
Check It Out – After The Fire
Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus – Larry Norman
The Mystery – John Michael & Terry Talbot
You Don’t Have To Try And Be Somebody – Kenny Marks
Here Am I, Send Me – Keith Green
Straight Ahead – Deniece Williams
Spirit Filled Pizza – Carman
American Fast Food – Randy Stonehill
Taste And See – Petra
Unconditional Love – Donna Summer
Love Is – Jamie Owens-Collins

Episode 59

best songwriters of the era
Perfect Peace – Andrae Crouch & The Discples
It’s So Good To Know – Gentle Faith
More Than Just An Act – Mike Johnson
No Livin’ Without Him – Phil Johnson & Kim Peery
Happy Road – Barry McGuire
People Get Ready – Darrell Mansfield
Heaven’s Gonna Be A Blast – Honeytree
New Tomorrow – Lenny LeBlanc
The Way Of Love – Charlie Peacock
One Way – Larry Norman
If I Were A Singer – Steve Camp

Episode 58

songs in the style of the Beatles
Tell Me What You See – Jacob’s Trouble
Sunday’s Child – Phil Keaggy
Hold Me Tonight – Ark
Time Steals By – David Eastman
Wounded Healer – Spurr & McNeil
Good, Good Morning – Paul Clark
All I Can Be – Pat Terry Group
Heart Of Hearts – Leslie Phillips
Don’t Shoot The Wounded – Chuck Girard
Rationalizer – Ron Moore
Where Are The Other Nine? (Let Me Be The One) – Geoff Moore

Episode 57

big hits
Gospel Ship – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Mansion Builder – 2nd Chapter of Acts
He’ll Do The Same – Paul Clark & Phil Keaggy
I Shall See God – Roby Duke
Standin’ In The Light – Denny Correll
We Were All So Young – Randy Stonehill
Strength Of My Life – Leslie Phillips
Mourning Into Dancing – James Ward
Charlie’s Dream – Michael & Stormie Omartian
Love Song For Number Two – Mickie & Becki Moore

Episode 56

songs I’d need on a desert island
I’ve Searched All Around – Larry Norman
Isn’t It Amazing – Mark Farner
Awesome God – Rich Mullins
Lord Of The Past – Bob Bennett
Welcome Back – Love Song
Your Love Broke Through – Keith Green
Put My Trust In You – Matthew Ward
Say A Prayer – Lenny LeBlanc
Why Should The Father Bother – Petra
What A Day – Phil Keaggy
When God Ran – Benny Hester

Episode 55

special guests: Bob Hartman & John Schlitt (Petra)
The Grand Arrival – Bryan Haworth
Oh Buddha – The Imperials
Joy In All – Steven Soles
Have Yourself Committed – Bryan Duncan
How Can You Live – Kerry Livgren
Lord Of The Dance – John Fischer
Bob Hartman & John Schlitt, pt 1
More Power To Ya – Petra
Bob Hartman & John Schlitt, pt 2
Grave Robber – Petra
Bob Hartman & John Schlitt, pt 3
Lord Reign In Me – II Guys From Petra

Episode 54

imagery and metaphor
Glory And The Flame – Randy Stonehill
The Struggle – Resurrection Band
Not Going To Fall Away – David Edwards
The Church Of Do What You Want To – Jacob’s Trouble
What Are You Doing – Little Bobby Emmons & The Crosstones
I Hope I’ll See You In Heaven – Larry Norman
To See Your Face – Mark Heard
What Does It Profit A Man – James Vincent
On The Line – Daniel Amos
Say Goodbye – Tonio K
A New Star – Phil Keaggy

Episode 53

the Sermon on the Mount
The Beatitudes – John Michael Talbot
Light Of The World – Godspell
Turn It Around – Harry Chapin
Trap Door – T-Bone Burnett
The Lord’s Prayer – Leon Patillo
Two Masters – Servant
A Time And A Place – Phil Keaggy
Seek Ye First – Maranatha! Singers (Karen Lafferty)
Stand Or Fall – Glad
Do Right To Me Baby – Bob Dylan
So Help Me God – Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart
Mansion On The Sand – Tom Howard

Episode 52

1st anniversary show / special guest: Chuck Girard (Love Song)
Full Circle – Phil Keaggy
Morning Song – Adam Again
Chuck Girard, pt 1
A Love Song – Love Song
Chuck Girard, pt 2
Welcome Back – Love Song
Chuck Girard, pt 3
Little Country Church – Love Song
Chuck Girard, pt 4
Fool’s Wisdom – Malcom & Alwyn
You Can’t Take Away The Lord – Larry Norman
That Morning – Fred Field
Chuck Girard, pt 5
Rock ‘n Roll Preacher – Chuck Girard

Episode 51

Maranatha! sampler albums
For Those Tears I Died – Children Of The Day
Jesus Is All We Need – The Way
Big City Blues – Tom Stipe
Hippie Version of the 23rd Psalm – John Rydgren
Old Gray Ford – Wing And A Prayer
Ain’t Gonna Fight It – Daniel Amos
Who Loves The Lonely – Aslan
Don’t You Worry – Leon Patillo
Growing Fruits Of The Spirit – Danny Taylor
Easy To Slip – The Talbot Brothers
Take Me To The Light – Erick Nelson & Michelle Pillar