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Episode 200

turning 200
Now I Can See – Phil Keaggy – 1973
You Ask Me Why – Chuck Girard – 1975
Change – The Archers – 1977 (solo lead vocal Janice Archer)
I’d Be A Fool – Farrell & Farrell – 1978 (solo lead vocal Jayne Farrell, who wrote the song as well)
Kingdom Come – Karen Lafferty – 1978
Celebrate This Heartbeat – Randy Stonehill – 1984
Forgive and Forget – Bob Bennett – 1979
To Forgive – Steve Taylor – 1985
Play On – Kansas – 1982 (lead vocal John Elefante, written by John & Kerry Livgren)
He’ll Finish What He Started – Kenny Marks – 1982

Episode 199

they can preach, can they sing?
Someone To Sing To – Malcolm and Alwyn
Coming Back Again – Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart
Again & Again – Oden Fong
Over & Over – Degarmo and Key (Dana Key)
Here Comes David – Servant (Owen Brock)
Can’t Stop Loving You – Resurrection Band (Glen Kaiser)
Lord I’m Gonna Love You – Keith Green

Episode 198

into the 80’s
Toll Free – Fireworks
Dancing With Danger – Leslie Phillips
This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral) – Steve Taylor
All You Need – DeGarmo and Key
He Is Strong – Mylon Lefevre and Broken Heart
Cornerstone – Leon Patillo
The Truth Will Set You Free – Dion DiMucci
The Pain That Plagues Creation – Mark Heard
But You Didn’t – Steve Archer
Could He Be The Messiah – Michael W. Smith
Angels – Amy Grant

Episode 197

into the 70’s
If You’ll Take My Hand – Children Of The Day
He’s The Reason To Go On – The Way
Dried Up Well – Mustard Seed Faith
No Good Excuses – Bethlehem
My Friend – Ron Salsbury and The J.C. Power Outlet
Searchlight – Honeytree
Walking In The Light – Amy Grant
Nightingale – Becky Ugartechea
Good News – Steve Camp
This And That – Matthews, Taylor and Johnson
Carry Me – Sweet Comfort Band

Episode 196

six degrees of separation
Andrae Crouch – I’ve Got The Best
I Will No Wise Cast You Out – Philip Bailey
Jesus Calls Your Lambs – Teri Desario
You’ll Never Be The Same – Sheila Walsh
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music – Cliff Richard
I Love You – Larry Norman
Jesus Man – Terry Talbot
Lies – Keith Green
Holy Fire – Jamie Owens-Collins
Gotta Do Better Than This – Matthew Ward

Episode 195

it’s Christmastime
Christmastime – Larry Norman
Saviour’s Day – Sir Cliff Richard
Star Song (There Is Born A Child) – Sheila Walsh
Christmas, A Happy Tme – Evie
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Kim Hill Featuring Phil Keaggy
Christmas Time Is Here – Russ Taff
Everybody Sing A Christmas Song – Jon Gibson
O Holy Night – Crystal Lewis
Breath Of Heaven (Mary’s Song) – Amy Grant
Emmanuel – Michael W. Smith

Episode 194

from the UK
Fool’s Wisdom – Malcolm & Alwyn
(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding – Phil & John
I Should Have Been There – Andy McCarroll
Lost In A Lonely World – Cliff Richard
Never Give It Up – Sheila Walsh
Jesus Call Your Lambs – Sheila Walsh & Cliff Richard
Don’t Turn Your Back On Jesus – Lyrix
Reminded Of Heaven – Martyn Joseph
Here I Stand – Iona
Psalm 119 – Ian White
Led Like A Lamb To The Slaughter (You’re Alive) – Graham Kendrick

Episode 193

special guest: Kenny Marks
Ringin’ The Bells – Kenny Marks
Right Where You Are – Kenny Marks
Soul Reviver – Kenny Marks
Get Up And Dance – Garth Hewitt
White Dress – Kenny Marks
Bon Appetit – Kenny Marks
Say A Prayer For Me Tonight – Kenny Marks
Make It Right – Kenny Marks

Episode 192

he’s ALL IN
Prince Song – 2nd Chapter Of Acts
What Do You Know That I Don’t – Sheila Walsh
Got To Decide – Joy Strange– Hutton
Go Tell The World – Silverwind
Strength Of My Life – Leslie Phillips
Eye Of The Storm – Paul Clark
The Unknown Soldier – David Meece
Fly Eagle Fly – White Heart
Through His Eyes Of Love – Steve Archer
Love’s Not A Feeling – Steve Camp With Michele Pillar
Here – Kim Boyce

Episode 191

requested SOS
Mr. Trashman – Michael & Stormie Omartian
Heaven Is A Real Place – Charlie Peacock
Pulling Down – Phil Keaggy
Tourist Trap – Crumbächer
For You – Ed Raetzloff
Growing Up To Fast – Kenny Marks
The Party’s Over – Kenny Marks
Next Time You See Johnny – Kenny Marks
Fire Of Forgiveness (Ashes Of Love) – Kenny Marks

Episode 190

special guest: John Michael Talbot
Hear You Calling – John Michael Talbot & Terry Talbot
Would You Crucify Him – John Michael Talbot
Singin’ Hallelujah – Jamie Owens-Collins
We Shall Stand Forgiven – John Michael Talbot
Six Sixty Six – Larry Norman
Brother Sun and Sister Moon – John Michael Talbot
Lead Me Through – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
The Mystery – John Michael Talbot & Terry Talbot

Episode 189

Bible characters
Adam – Marty McCall & Fireworks
Adam Again – Michael Omartian
Noah’s Song – Matthew Ward
Balaam – Don Francisco
David & Goliath – Barry McGuire
Here Comes David – Servant
Elijah – Twila Paris
Jesus – Kelly Willard
Mary’s Song – Petra
Nicodemus – Bob Ayala
Mary And Martha – Honeytree
John The Revelator – Phil Keaggy

Episode 188

inspired by a listener from Scotland
On Your Marks (Are You Ready) – Alwyn Wall
Can’t Live Without Him – Malcolm And The Mirrors
The Hands Of God – David Eastman
Take Me Higher – After The Fire
Don’t Rock De Boat – Ishmael United
To Know You – Andy McCarroll & Moral Support
We’re All One – Sheila Walsh
The Gap – Bryn Haworth
Wooden Cross Rider – Garth Hewitt
You Me And Jesus – Cliff Richard
Gloria – U2

Episode 187

cover versions
Prince Of Peace – Larry Norman
Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus – Randy Stonehill
Good News – Little Bobby Emmons and The Crosstones
The Power Of Love – Mark Heard
Shotgun Angel – The 77s
Your Love Broke Through – Russ Taff
Easter Song – Glad
It’s Gonna Rain – Bryan Duncan
Motor Of Love – Phil Keaggy

Episode 186

special guest: David Huff from David & The Giants
Glory Hallelujah – David & The Giants
Save Me – David & The Giants
One Less Stone – David & The Giants
Are You Ready? – David & The Giants
Sunday School – Phil Keaggy
Heavenly Love – David & The Giants (featuring Kellye Huff)
I Was The Nails – David & The Giants

Episode 185

2 debbies, 3 steves request show
You’re The Same – Leslie Phillips
Dreamer’s Dream – Pete Carlson
Still Be Believing – Kenny Marks
Man Like You – Greg X Volz
Choose Life – Debbie Boone
Who Will Own Your Heart – Steve Archer
On The Fritz – Steve Taylor
Infrared / X–Ray Eyes – Crumbächer
I Am – The Wall Brothers
We Are The Light – Servant

Episode 184

special guest: Pam Mark Hall
Jesus I Believe – Pam Mark Hall
Lord Of Glory – Marj Snyder
Pray For Those – Pam Mark Hall
Open Your Heart – John Fischer
Don’t Believe What You Doubt – Pam Mark Hall
If Ever – Pam Mark Hall
Romans VII – Keith Green
Blessed Is The Man – Pam Mark Hall
Reach Out And Love Again – Pam Mark Hall
Lullabye Prayer – Noel Paul Stookey and Pam Mark Hall

Episode 183

Remembering Keith Green, Part 2
When I Hear The Praises Start – Keith Green
Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful – Keith Green
Jesus Is Lord Of All – Keith Green
You Are The One – Keith Green
Rushing Wind – Keith Green
Make My Life A Prayer To You – Keith Green
I Want To Be More Like Jesus – Keith Green
You Love The World (And You’re Avoiding Me) – Keith Green
Create In Me A Clean Heart – Keith Green
Until That Final Day – Keith Green

Episode 182

Remembering Keith Green, Part 1
Because Of You – Keith Green
Your Love Broke Through – Keith Green
You Put This Love In My Heart – Keith Green
He’ll Take Care Of The Rest – Keith Green
Unless The Lord Builds The House – Keith Green
Here I Am, Send Me – Keith Green
Run To The End Of The Highway – Keith Green
How Can They Live Without Jesus – Keith Green
Song To My Parents – Keith Green
Jesus Commands Us To Go – Keith Green

Episode 181

past and present reflections
Anthem/Callin’ You – Chuck Girard
I Believe – ZOEgirl
Papa Song – Phil Keaggy
Why – Phil Keaggy (featuring Ian Keaggy)
Here He Comes – Jimmy Owens
We’re Lookin’ Upward – Jamie Owens-Collins
There’s A Reason – Parable
Gone – Switchfoot
Livin’ On The Bottle – The Way
Fool’s Wisdom – Phil Wickham

Episode 180

with special guest: Ed Raetzloff
Praise Him – Ed Raetzloff
It Took A Long Time To Get To You – Ed Raetzloff
Working On A Building – Mylon Lefevre
It’s So Easy To Be Free – Ed Raetzloff
Bad Livin’ – DeGarmo ∓ Key
Turn, Turn Turn – Dave Perkins
Every Man – Ed Raetzloff
People Get Ready – Larry Norman
Jesus Loves You – Ed Raetzloff

Episode 179

songs you remember
Soldier Of The Light – David Baroni
Keep The Flame Burnin’ – Debbie Boone
Take Somebody With You – Bobby Springfield
Sing To The Lord – David Coate Group
Preacher Lessons & Cookie Cutters – Mike Warnke
To Keep Me Struggling On – Albrecht, Roley and Moore
Engraved Invitation – Lamb
I Can’t Wait – The Pat Terry Group
Evacuation Day – Randy Matthews
America (In God You Used To Trust) – David & The Giants

Episode 178

the way they were
The Winner – Noel Paul Stookey
Anyone But Jesus – Barry McGuire
Man Gave Names To All The Animals – Bob Dylan
I Don’t Want To Fall Away From You – Nedra Ross
Old Souvenirs – Dion DiMucci
Golden Sun, Silver Moon – Johnny Rivers
I Wanna Be More Like Jesus – BJ Thomas
Hear You Calling – John Michael Talbot & Terry Talbot
You Comfort Me – Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart
Where He Goes – Ed Raetzloff
That’s The Way God Planned It – The Lou Gramm Band
Just One Man – Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman

Episode 177

transition tribute
Walkin’ In The Spirit – Janny Grine
Bread On The Water – The Imperials
Covenant Woman – Janny Grine
Your Love – Norman Barratt
Let The Light Come – Alwyn Wall
The Only One – Norman Barratt
All Things Are Possible – Dan Peek
Everything – Dan Peek
Living Water – Marvin & Gentry with Dan Peek
The Master’s Voice – Dan Peek

Episode 176

listener requests
Holding On To You – Paul Clark & Phil Keaggy
Be Strong In The Lord – John Mehler
Someday – Lewis McVpay
Building Bridges – Paul Field
The Hungry Night – Sheila Walsh
Run, Run, Lucifer – Liberation Suite
Lay Your Burden Down – Chuck Girard
First Love – Joe English
First Love – Silverwind
Fishes And Loaves – First Love
When I First Trusted You – Keith Green

Episode 175

with special guest: Greg X. Volz
Come And Join Us – Petra
Praise Ye The Lord – The E Band
God Gave Rock And Roll To Us – Petra
Taste And See – Audio Adrenaline
Yahweh Love – Petra
Outside Looking In – Xavier
Without Him We Can Do Nothing – Petra
Back To The Rock – Petra

Episode 174

the hits of 1986
Look Through His Eyes – Servant
Messiah – Larry Norman
True Confessions – Tonio K
Love Around The World – Leon Patillo
The Gods Of Men – Randy Stonehill
Come That Day – David Meece
I Just Wanna Know – Steve Taylor
What Do You Know (That I Don’t) – Sheila Walsh
The More I Know You – Leslie Phillips
Back To The Street – Petra
Simple Ironies – Dion DiMucci

Episode 173

1971 through 1984
I Think I Love You – Larry Norman
Front Seat, Back Seat – Love Song
Always On My Mind – Malcolm & Alwyn
Song Of Love – Paul Clark & Friends
Psalm 63 – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Abraham – Phil Keaggy
Forever With You – Fireworks
What A Difference You’ve Made – B J Thomas
Oh Buddha – The Imperials
Hold On – Matthew Ward
The Best – Dion DiMucci
Sing Your Praise To The Lord – Amy Grant
Love Crucified Arose – Michael Card

Episode 172

with special guest: The Choir, part 2
Scenic Routes – The Lost Dogs
Everybody In The Band – The Choir
Look Over Your Shoulder – Mark Heard
Tip Of My Tongue – The Choir
Beautiful Scandalous Night – Bob Bennett, Julie Miller, &  Derri Daugherty
Grace – The Choir
Precious Jesus – The Choir With Leigh Nash Of Sixpence None The Richer
Midnight Sun – The Choir
To Bid Farewell – The Choir

Episode 171

with special guest: The Choir, part 1
I Can’t Take It – The Choir
Someone Calling – Youth Choir
Fade Into You – Youth Choir
Mall (All Over The World) – Daniel Amos
Fear Only You – The Choir
Render Love – The Choir
Sad Face – The Choir
Two Trusting Jesus – Mark Heard
Wide Eyed Wonder – The Choir

Episode 170

with special guest: Paul Clark, part 2
Hand To The Plow – Paul Clark
Shipwreck – Paul Clark
Woman/The Man That I Love – Paul Clark & Kelly Willard
Change In The Wind – Paul Clark
Come Back Home – Paul Clark
Don’t Judge Your Brother By His Face – Paul Clark
Aim For The Heart – Paul Clark
Out Of The Shadow – Paul Clark

Episode 169

with special guest: John Elefante
Come Back To Me  – Idle Cure
Fight Fire With Fire – Kansas
Play The Game Tonight – Kansas
Envy & Jealousy – Sweet Comfort Band
Thankful Heart – Petra
Questions (It’s About Time)  – John Elefante And Mastedon
It Is Done – Mastedon

Episode 168

Canada and the west coast influences
Up In Canada – Larry Norman
Hills Of Morning – Bruce Cockburn
He’s The Creator – Daniel Band
Super Heroes – Geri Baird
Pink Shirts – Quickflight
Complete And Alive – Salvation Air Force
Walk Away – Weber & The Buzztones
Holy, Holy, Holy – Undercover
I Can’t Wait – Lifesavers
Take Me Over – Lifesavors
Someone New – The 77’s
Never Leave You – Daniel Amos

Episode 167

with special guest: Pat Terry, part 2
Heaven Ain’t All There Is – Pat Terry Group
Seen It Now – Dove
Enduring Love – Pat Terry Group
Iris – Pat Terry Group
Too Many Voices – Pat Terry
Threw It Away – Mark Heard
Nothing I Say – Pat Terry
If Jesus Was Like Me – Pat Terry
Laugh For A Million Years – Pat Terry

Episode 166

Christmas Memories
It’s Christmas Time – The Crosstones
Jingle Bell Rock – Larry Norman
Star Song (There Is Born A Child) – Sheila Walsh
Tennessee Christmas – Amy Grant
Heaven Came To Earth – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Let Us Go To Bethlehem – Phil Keaggy
Il Est Nê Divin Enfant – Honeytree
The Star – Dan Peek
God Bless The Children – BJ Thomas
Almost Christmastime – David Meece
This Little Child – Scott Wesley Brown

Episode 165

with special guest: Pat Terry, part 1
Gospel Music – Pat Terry
Nothing Really Changes – Larry Norman
I’ve Been Wanting To Tell You – Pat Terry Group
Tell Them What I’ve Done – Pat Terry Group
Songs From The South/You Got Me – Pat Terry Group
Hungry World – Ark Happy Man/What Good’s It Gonna Do Ya – Pat Terry Group
Home Where I Belong – B J Thomas
Sweet Music – Pat Terry Group

Episode 164

pastors request
Farther And Higher – Steve Camp
He’s Returning – White Heart
In A Little While – Amy Grant
Stubborn Love – Kathy Troccoli
Bema Seat – Petra
First Love – Stryper
Forgiven – David Meece
He Is Exalted – Twila Paris
Hold Me – Benny Hester
Wear Your Colors – Rick Cua
So Far So Good – Bryan Duncan

Episode 163

acappella & requests from early years
Be Ye Glad – Glad
Shut De Do – Acappella
Holy, Holy, Holy – The Crosstones
Traveling Shoes – The Chambers Brothers
Benediction – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
Never Sought His Face – Good News Circle
He Made Me Worthy – Janny Grein
When The Son Comes Out – Ark
Coming Home – Earthen Vessel
Bye World – Jerusalem

Episode 162

with special guest: Ron Moore
I’m Nothing, I’m Nobody – Bill & Ron Moore
Changes – Ron Moore
Through A Glass Darkly – Randy Stonehill
The Outlaw – Larry Norman
I Wish We’d All Been Ready – Ron Moore
Bible Thing – Ron Moore
Further Up & Further In – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
Deep Magic – Ron Moore
On Turning To Dust – Mark Heard
Rationalizer – Ron Moore

Episode 161

more hits from 1985
Wise Up – Amy Grant
I’ve Been Freed – Doug Howell
Hollow Eyes – Petra
Come On Elaine – Rob Frazier
D.O.A. – Connie Scott
One Good Man – Rossington Collins Band
Old Man – Vision
I Get Carried Away – Morgan Cryar
Backslider – Louisiana’s LeRoux
To Live For The King – Kerry Livgren
You Can G
o – David Meece

Episode 160

requests of the heart

Jesus Is – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Even Now  – Matthew Ward
I’m A Believer – The Boones
Don’t Be Fooled  – Becky Ugartechea
My Heart Is A Stone  – Michelle Pillar
Property Of Jesus  – Bob Dylan
There In Your Heart  – Dion DiMucci & Kelly Willard
Surrender Your Heart  – Steve Camp & Susanne Norman
Take Him To Heart  – David Martin
Questioning Heart – Albrecht, Roley & Moore
Be In My Heart – Cliff Richard

Episode 159

cornerstone 2011 review

I Need You – Randy Stonehill
That Is What The Lord Will Do For You – Phil Keaggy
To Know Love – Barry McGuire
Without Him We Can Do Nothing – The E Band
Mountains And Valleys – Petra
Alpha & Omega – The Sheep
Shallow Water – Servant
Waves – Resurrection Band
Built For Glory, Made To Last – The Lost Dogs

Episode 158

special guest: Paul Clark, part 1

Looking Glass Incident – Paul Clark
Song For Salvation – Paul Clark
Make Me A Soldier Of Your Army– Paul Clark
Behold The Messiah/Perfectly Complete– Paul Clark
Come Into His Presence – Paul Clark
Abide – Paul Clark Latter Rain – Paul Clark

Episode 157

the hits of 1981
Joyful Melody – Bob & Pauline Wilson
So His Honor – James Ward
Center Of My Life – Dion DiMucci
One Day – Wayne Watson
Do Your Heart A Favor – Bobby Springfield
I Believe (Sweet Lord Jesus) – Dion DiMucci
Learning To Live Like Jesus – Scott Wesley Brown
Singing A Love Song – Amy Grant
Midnight Angel Choir – Joe English
Rejoice – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Star Of The Morning – Leon Patillo
Soldier Of The Light – Andrus, Blackwood & Co.

Episode 156

special guest: Terry Scott Taylor

Father’s Arms – Daniel Amos
William – Daniel Amos
Ain’t Gonna Fight It – Daniel Amos
Shotgun Angel – Daniel Amos
Posse In The Sky – Daniel Amos
I Love You #19 – Daniel Amos
Walla Of Doubt – Daniel Amos
Breathe Deep – Lost Dogs

Episode 155

remembering Upon This Rock

You Can’t Take Away The Lord – Larry Norman
I Don’t Believe In Miracles – Larry Norman
Moses In The Wilderness – Larry Norman
Ha Ha World – Larry Norman
Sweet, Sweet Song Of Salvation – Larry Norman
Forget Your Hexagram – Larry Norman
The Last Supper – Larry Norman
Nothing Really Changes – Larry Norman
Ya Gotta Be Saved – The Crosstones (with Larry Norman)

Episode 154

Go To Church – Honeytree
Woman/The Man That I Love – Paul Clark & Kelly Willard
First Love – Farrell & Farrell
Now I See The Man – Chris Christian
This Quiet Place – Tom Howard
And He Heard Them Sing – Tom Howard & Bill Batstone
Six, Six, Six – DeGarmo ∓ Key
Ananias & Sapphira – Resurrection Band
Clean Before My Lord & Amazing Grace – Honeytree

Episode 153

songs from the road

Two Roads – Country Faith
This Road – Bethlehem
Dusty Road – Daniel Amos
Only One Road – Bruce Carroll
One Lane Road – John Fischer
Kingston Road – The Choir
I’ve Been Down That Road Too – Ed Raetzloff
Long Hard Road – Larry Norman
The Road – Sweet Comfort Band
The Road – Mark Heard
On The Road To Jericho – Keith Green

Episode 152

questions and answers
U No Who – Phil Johnson & Kim Perry
Doer Of The Word – Dan Peek
Crack The Sky – Mylon Lefevre
Doesn’t That Bible Say? – The Agape Force Unchoir
Whose Side You On? – Giantkiller
My Spirit’s Free – Norman Barratt Band
Looking For God (Using A Spotlight) – Jeff Johnson
Seek Him – The All Saved Freak Band
Seek The Kingdom – Ron Moore

Episode 151

welcome home to Jesus

Prodigal’s Song – Don Francisco
Want You Back Again – Prodigal
Welcome Home – Phil Keaggy
Don’t Run Away – Allies
Don’t Stop, Don’t Give Up –  Dave Eastman
Givin’ Up, Givin’ Up – Bryan Duncan
First Love – Farrell & Farrell
Goin’ Home – 2nd Chapter of Acts
Back Home – Mustard Seed Faith
Water – Lewis McVay
Create In Me A Clean Heart – Keith Green