Flow River Flow, with special guest Erick Nelson, Part 1, Episode #302

Hi Everybody,

My special guest on FULL CIRCLE, Episode #302, is Erick Nelson, member of the bands SELAH and GOOD NEWS and the creator of the classic project, THE MISFIT. One of the early true pioneers of Jesus Music!!

On Part #1 of my interview with Erick, you’ll hear about his early influences in Christian music and songs like Set My Spirit Free, Jesus Is Calling, He Lives, Flow River Flow an many more of his unforgettable compositions. I believe you’ll enjoy listening to him share memories of where it all began.

Special thanks goes to my many contributors (we could use a few more) like Steven Weyhrich, Paul French, Bob Henninger, Scott Powell, Karen Wheelock, Craig Dinsmore, Joshua Innman and many more for their continued encouragement. Thanks!!

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