GO! Episode #301

Hi Everybody, Here we go…starting out the next 100 episodes!! Just go to www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com and click 250-present and give a listen.

So, there’s a spoiler alert for this show, as it could be one of the most challenging of the 300 plus shows, I’ve produced. But, I think you’ll understand. Bottom line, there are many things that Jesus said as he taught his disciples. Some things they did not understand and other things would clearly come with a cost to obey. It’s the same now as well, but what Jesus commanded hasn’t changed.

With special thanks to Joshua Inman and Tim Pyles, who suggested the songs for this show, you’ll hear from Twila Paris, Dallas Holm, Steve Camp, White Heart and Petra, the late Keith Green and others. I pray you will listen and consider the message in the songs. It could change the course of your life!!

As always, I’m grateful for the support of my listeners for this radio ministry. Thanks!!

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