Flow River Flow, with special guest Erick Nelson, Part 2, Episode #303

Hi everybody, I think I must’ve said once in the show that there was so many things we could’ve talked about with Eric Nelson, I could’ve probably done a 3d episode. On Episode #303, we’re talking some time to highlight the concept album called THE MISFIT, featuring Erick Nelson and Michele Pillar. There are great songs and great stories on this episode that I think you’ll enjoy.

You’ll hear songs like PICKING UP THE PIECES, HE GAVE ME LOVE, GOOD NEWS and STAND as well as song from THE MISFIT project!

Blessed to be supported by a few friends who underwrote this show. Thanks.

Flow River Flow, with special guest Erick Nelson, Part 1, Episode #302

Hi Everybody,

My special guest on FULL CIRCLE, Episode #302, is Erick Nelson, member of the bands SELAH and GOOD NEWS and the creator of the classic project, THE MISFIT. One of the early true pioneers of Jesus Music!!

On Part #1 of my interview with Erick, you’ll hear about his early influences in Christian music and songs like Set My Spirit Free, Jesus Is Calling, He Lives, Flow River Flow an many more of his unforgettable compositions. I believe you’ll enjoy listening to him share memories of where it all began.

Special thanks goes to my many contributors (we could use a few more) like Steven Weyhrich, Paul French, Bob Henninger, Scott Powell, Karen Wheelock, Craig Dinsmore, Joshua Innman and many more for their continued encouragement. Thanks!!

GO! Episode #301

Hi Everybody, Here we go…starting out the next 100 episodes!! Just go to www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com and click 250-present and give a listen.

So, there’s a spoiler alert for this show, as it could be one of the most challenging of the 300 plus shows, I’ve produced. But, I think you’ll understand. Bottom line, there are many things that Jesus said as he taught his disciples. Some things they did not understand and other things would clearly come with a cost to obey. It’s the same now as well, but what Jesus commanded hasn’t changed.

With special thanks to Joshua Inman and Tim Pyles, who suggested the songs for this show, you’ll hear from Twila Paris, Dallas Holm, Steve Camp, White Heart and Petra, the late Keith Green and others. I pray you will listen and consider the message in the songs. It could change the course of your life!!

As always, I’m grateful for the support of my listeners for this radio ministry. Thanks!!

“300” Episode #300

Hi Everybody,

300 has been produced! It’s hard for even me to believe, but this is the 300th Episode of FULL CIRCLE!! I’m so grateful for so many of you that have been part of the community. Steven Weyhrich, Paul French, Craig Dinsmore, Tom Tatlow, Denzel Polliock, Angelo Phillips, Joshua Inman, Gregory Lord, David Fleser, Bob Henninger, Glenn Christiansen and so many, many more who have been faithful to pray and support this ministry!! Thank you!!

Others have asked how much time and finance does each episode cost. Well, I can’t really say but usually 8 hours is required to write, pick out songs, record, edit, publish on the website, post and maintain the internet site, promote, licensing, etc, etc. I don’t charge per hour. I’m not salaried and the show is free to all. Whatever you send helps cover it all. That’s about it.

On Episode 300 you’ll hear from early pioneers of Jesus music, Paul Clark, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Chuck Girard, Honeytree, the late Keith Green and more. Give a listen and feel free to share with others!

Enjoy and thanks for hanging out with me on radio stations and multiple internet sites for all these episodes!!

What’s Holding You Back? Episode #299

Hi Everybody,

Ever really feel stuck? You want to go forward and everything seems to be holding you back. That’s what we’ll look at through the songs on this episode of FULL CIRCLE.

I’ll feature songs from Bob Bennett, Daniel Amos, Allies, and even Margaret Becker and the late Mark Heard give insight into the dilemma we get ourselves into at times. The good news is that there is a way out of this holding pattern, I think you’ll find God will give you the will to make the shift.

Grateful for all of your support and prayers for this radio ministry. Thanks.

Lay Down Your Stones

Hi Everybody,

It’s the beginning of a new year and a great time to get back to the basics. On Episode #298, I’ll be recalling songs and stories that will help remind us of the importance of laying down all offense and un-forgiveness.

You’ll hear from Mark Farner, Phil Keaggy, Steve Taylor, Love Song and the late Keith Green and Mylon LeFevre and more. Each song will encourage you to let go, forgive and lay down your stones. It will make for a much better season for you, believe me!! Several folks suggested songs for this episode. Thank you Jeanne Bigelow, Tim Pyles and others!

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Christmas songs of hope, songs of joy

Hi Everybody,

It’s that time of the year when we reflect on the songs of hope, songs of joy. So many early Jesus music artists recorded songs and albums back in the day. You’ll hear from Terry Talbot, Kelly Willard, Barry McGuire, Crystal Lewis, Scott Wesley Brown and many more on this episode. Merry Christmas everyone!!

It’s been a joy to make new friends, take your requests, research and find and then play the songs you’ve been wanting to hear. Thanks for your prayers and support for this ministry. If you can send a Christmas gift towards the next episode, it’s tax exempt at www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com, using the donate button. Thanks so much and have a wonderful Christmas time!

WIND, with special guest Fletch Wiley

Hi everybody,

I’m looking forward to sharing this new episode entitled WIND, with special guest Fletch Wiley. I’ve known this guy 50 years and he’s the best when it comes to WIND instruments heard on so many early Jesus music recordings. Today he’s still actively involved in writing and producing albums around the world.

On this show you’ll hear songs from the band SONLIGHT where Fletch played trumpet and flute and flugelhorn. The group backed up Andraé Crouch and the disciples and played on stage at EXPLO 72 in Dallas.

You hear songs like DAY OF SALVATION, I SAW HIS FACE and others and then on part two, I’ll feature groups that loved WIND instruments like the group SEAWIND, MICHAEL OMARTIAN, RICK RISO, the SWEET COMFORT BAND and others,

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Hi Everybody,

His “train’s up in the sky” and on this episode I’m remembering my friend the late Mylon LeFevre. For many years he came to Southern Illinois, where I was living at the time, for my Jesus Solid Rock Concerts. His concerts were sold out and Mylon ministering on stage was some of the best I’ve ever seen. Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart!! We miss you!

Give a listen and “like” on Facebook and tell your friends about this tribute program. You’ll hear songs like Brand New Start, Morning Star, Crack The Sky, Trains Up In The Sky, More and so much MORE!! BUT, it is impossible to scratch the surface of how we were all so touched by his song and ministry, in just one hour.

Thanks to my supporters who made the show possible. Give a listen!

Hit The Switch – w/special guest John Pantano

Hi Everybody,

Thanks to a special friend Randy Layton, who inspired this episode of FULL CIRCLE with special guest, John Pantano. An early pioneer in Jesus Rock with his friend, Ron Salsbury, they were known as the JC Power Outlet as well as Pantano and Salsbury and introduced some great songs to the new era of the Jesus Revolution.

You’ll get a sneak preview of the freshly remixed project, HIT THE SWITCH, with songs like PEACE AND POWER, HOLD ON, SOUL SEEKER and the unforgettable I CHOOSE TO FOLLOW YOU. You’ll really enjoy these memorable songs back in your life.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support for this radio ministry!!