Dreams And Visions on Episode #256

Hi everybody, On this episode I want to explore, Dreams and Visions. Ever had any? God uses them to communicate with us, giving us direction and in some cases get our attention when we are not listening.

You’ll hear from Jesus music pioneers Alwyn Wall and Darrell Mansfield, 80’s singer/songwriters David Stearman and Paul Smith, female artist Stephanie Boosahda and Twila Paris, the husband and wife duo of Farrell & Farrell as well as some other less well known musicians who have touched on the topic of Dreams & Visions.

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Tasty Leftovers, Served Up on Episode #255

Over the holiday there’s always a lot of food to be eaten and most likely some pretty tasty leftovers too. On this episode I’ll be featuring songs that were supposed to be on previous episodes but for one reason or another didn’t quite make it on the air. Ready for some tasty leftovers?

You’ll get to taste some amazing songs from Jesus music pioneers Barry McGuire, Paul Clark, Tim Shepherd and Randy Matthews as well as a few other songs you’ve never tried out before. We even have some English fare with songs from Bryn Haworth and the duo called Phil and John.

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Episode #254 – A Steve Scott Retrospective

Hi Everybody,

On this episode I’ll been focusing on the more avant garde, experimental Jesus music back in the day, so you the listener, don’t think I only play country rock or ballads, ha. I’ll be visiting with Steve Scott. Now while many of you may not have heard of Steve you have certainly heard of those Christian musicians he influenced and mentored in the early 80’s as you will see in my interview with him.

Steve, he is more than just another Christian musician having delved into poetry, spoken word artristy, speaking at conferences and teaching at schools. He has also contributed articles for several periodicals as well as becoming a published author.

You’ll hear songs from groups he influenced like Randy Stonehill, Charlie Peacock the 77’s band and the late Tom Howard. Give a listen, I think you’ll enjoy this creative guest, reflecting his “true world view” of the Christian culture and faith.

Thanks once again to those who continually underwrite this ministry. You are a blessing!

On With The Fight, Episode #253

Much has been said about our current situation around the world. Seems that there’s another new event every day to grip the heart with the fear of the unknown. Yet, there still remains one answer…and on this episode you’ll hear it. The power of the truth of God, will overcome all darkness and fear!! Jesus was raised from the dead and He’s alive and will reign!!

You’ll hear the message in the music from the SWEET COMFORT BAND, ALLIES, GEOFF MOORE, PETRA, DARRELL MANSFIELD and so many more. Let not your heart be overcome by anxiety or fear. Keep your eyes to the sky and you’ll win every battle!

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Best Of The Decade, The 80’s, Episode #252

We started out the new decade looking back the Best of The 70’s and on this episode, we’re looking at the Best of The 80’s. Of course this is only a sample of the amazing songs of this past decade as there is no way we can cover them all in an hour. But, you’d get a glimpse of the breakthrough songs of a decade that really changed and morphed into todays CCM. (Be sure and go to Playlist-201 to present on the tabs for #251 and #252)

There were so many, many classic artists and songs to try and choose from for this episode…but you’ll hear from Russ Taff, Petra, Michael W. Smith, David Meece, Leslie Phillips and Greg X Volz, to name a few.

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Best Of The Decade, The 70s, Episode #251

There’s no better time than at the beginning of a new decade to remember decades gone by, the early days of Jesus Music. On Episode #251 you’ll enjoy a look at some of our roots. There were so many great songs so I thought I’d take a look back at some of the most memorable Jesus music songs from the decade of the 70’s. (Go to the Playlist-201 to present tab)

You’ll hear classics from Love Song, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, Malcolm and Alwyn, the late Keith Green and much more!! You’ll also get a history lesson too as how it all unfolded!

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Merry Christmas From Full Circle, Episode #250

Merry Christmas and Blessings on the New Year everyone. I hope you’ll enjoy this special gift to you during the season, featuring music from Cliff Richard, Phil Keaggy, Sheila Walsh, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and many more. Let’s bring in the holidays with great, great joy for a Savior has come. Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Immanuel!

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Phil Plays Thru – Episode #249

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I got an early start on the new show so you could listen through the holiday. Go to www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com and enjoy at Playlist 201-present or go to Itunes, iHeart Radio, Apple Podcast, PodBean, Google Pay, TuneIn Radio or Mixcloud…so many places to enjoy a show featuring Phil Keaggy and his amazing talent. (Phil Keaggy fans are doing a “happy dance.”)

On this episode I’m going to be taking a look at a variety of Jesus music artists from the 70’s and 80’s who have had the help of friend and fellow musician Phil Keaggy on their projects. You’ll be amazed when you find him about everyone on early Jesus music and he continues on to this very day. Tell your friends about the show!!

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Amy Grant, Part Two on Episode #248

Hi Everybody,

First of all I want to thank all of you that responded to Episode #247, with my special guest, Amy Grant, Part One. So, here’s Part Two of the interview with my candid friend and I think you’ll enjoy it. Amy was open and transparent about her journey and what she’s learned along the way.

You’ll hear songs like FIND A WAY, LEAD ME ON, SAVED BY LOVE and one of the most loved songs of all time, THY WORD, and many more!

Amy also shares behind the scenes from the movie I CAN ONLY IMAGINE and how that song ended up on both her and Bart Millards albums. What a great story.

Give the show a listen and remember that FULL CIRCLE is also heard on IHEART RADIO, TUNEIN Radio, Podbean, Itunes Podcasts, Google Play, RoKu and many other locations. Tell your friends and enjoy! Thanks for the support!

Amy Grant, Part One on Full Circle #247

Hi Everybody,

It’s been a long time since I spoke with my special guest Amy Grant. The first time I interviewed her, she was 19. I think you’ll enjoy looking back at the songs and memories of an early pioneer of Jesus Music, who’s still going strong.

We’ll look at songs from her first album, her relationship with the DeGarmo and Key Band and the late Rich Mullins. It’s a full show and it’s only Part One!! You’ll hear songs like MOUNTAIN TOP, OLD MAN’S RUBBLE, NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE YOU, SING YOUR PRAISES TO THE LORD and so much more.

Amy has stood the test of time and remains a tender hearted, committed artist that helped shape todays’ CCM. Recently she was honored by the city of Nashville with a memorial sign honoring her and Michael W. Smith, Dogwood, Honeytree, Randy Matthews and others. The sign was erected outside of the Koninowa Christian bookstore, where it all started here in Nashville.

Don’t miss Part One! Tell your friends and write me at info@fullcirclejesusmusic.com and tell me how you like the program. Thanks.