One Way, Episode #288

Hi Everybody,

The JESUS REVOLUTION was real back in the late 60’s and early 70’s and it’s real today. Jesus is moving. The songs you’ll hear on this FULL CIRCLE came out of that God ordained era and influenced today’s CCM. I was part of that season and thankful to get to share those songs and the story with you on Episode #288.

I’ll feature music from Maranatha Music’s The Way, Mylon LeFevre, Benny Hester, Jon Gibson and the late Larry Norman and much more. I’d like to remind you that there’s just ONE WAY! That’s what Jesus said. Just “one door” to the Father. Give a listen and tell a friend.

Thanks again for those who underwrote this episode that I’ve dedicated to the “littlest Jesus freak,” my son Andy. That’s his “one way” finger to heaven, on the cover of my social media.

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