I’m Not Alone, with Russ Taff, Part Two on Episode #292

Hi everbody,

Here’s part two of the interview and music of Russ Taff. On this episode you’ll hear more of his great songs like I’ve Come To Far, Walk Between The Lines, This Love Is Strong and his best known We Will Stand and others.

You might find the interview causes emotions to rise up, not just because of his tender honesty and openness but because it might uncover something you’ve left buried way too long. If Russ can find forgiveness and freedom through surrender, so can you. And that’s the real reason for this ministry since it started in 1972.

If you would please, pass Part 1 and Part 2 on to someone you knows that might need to hear this powerful testimony and listen again yourself.

Thanks to all who underwrite this ministry. There’s room for you too if you would prayerfully consider using the DONATE button at the top of this page. All gifts are tax exempt and appreciated whether one time or on a regular monthly basis. Thank you!

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