Episode #293 is posted, and CHOICES really do matter

Hi Everybody,

FULL CIRCLE’s FACEBOOK has been hacked and we need help to recover, but you can send this email blast on to your friends.

Because of my special friend Bob Henninger, I am pleased to offer Episode #293 entitled CHOICES. The idea for the show and the songs that you’ll hear were contributed by Bob, who also was the financial underwriter for the show. What a great gift that you could also consider doing for this radio ministry sometime. Bob even sent me the songs on mp3s. Thanks brother!

You’ll hear great tunes from the Sweet Comfort Band, Mylon LeFevre, Chuck Girard, Pat Terry Group and the late Denny Correll and much more. Be sure and consider how important choices really are each and every day.

Give a listen by going to the the https://www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com/playlist-251-present/ and check #293. Be sure and tell your friends. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Episode #293 is posted, and CHOICES really do matter

  1. Thank you. I love Full Circle and you Jerry. I’ve sent a couple replies and haven’t heard from you. I hope you are OK.

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