Hit The Switch – w/special guest John Pantano

Hi Everybody,

Thanks to a special friend Randy Layton, who inspired this episode of FULL CIRCLE with special guest, John Pantano. An early pioneer in Jesus Rock with his friend, Ron Salsbury, they were known as the JC Power Outlet as well as Pantano and Salsbury and introduced some great songs to the new era of the Jesus Revolution.

You’ll get a sneak preview of the freshly remixed project, HIT THE SWITCH, with songs like PEACE AND POWER, HOLD ON, SOUL SEEKER and the unforgettable I CHOOSE TO FOLLOW YOU. You’ll really enjoy these memorable songs back in your life.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support for this radio ministry!!

2 thoughts on “Hit The Switch – w/special guest John Pantano

  1. In 1972 our church hosted a youth night at the Calico House Restaurant in Calico Ghost Town. JC Power Outlet performed that night and they didn’t hold anything back. I kept looking at the adults there and most of them were not smiling. But the teens were. I will never forget that evening. After the concert the band came to our home and prayed with us. Thank you for another great show Jerry.

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