I’m Not Alone, with Russ Taff, Part One on Episode #291

Hi everybody,

I’ve been looking forward to sharing my interview with Russ Taff. I quickly discovered I couldn’t get it all on just one episode and that I would need to record part two. So I did and it was great and I’ll share that part next. My special friend Ken Eichler was the inspiration and contact with Russ on this episode and so I dedicate this episode to him.

You’ll hear a very transparent and honest story from Russ, his hidden struggles and fears and how Jesus made such a difference in his life. Stories told through the songs like DOWN IN THE LOWLANDS, I WANT TO CHANGE, I CRY, SILENT LOVE and the song that is reflected in the episode title, I’M NOT ALONE. I believe this is a show you’ll want to listen to more than once and pass on to a friend.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Not Alone, with Russ Taff, Part One on Episode #291

  1. Hi, Jerry, this is Rodrigo Lima from Recife, Brazil’s northeast State of Pernambuco. I follow your podcast episodes, but this one really moved me. I’m an anglican pastor passing through a lot of tribulations. Since the pandemic in 2021 I’m under depressive medications. I even did cut myself once. Thank God I have my secular job, so I don’t have to worry about my church income, which has been always zero, but for my request (I don’t want to financially depend on church never more). But now, to crown my journey of sufferings, me and my wife are in a divorce process. After 26 years of marriage, we became great friends, but there’s no more marital love. And being a huge Russ Taff fan, I paid a double attention to this episode, and when you played “I cry”, from “The way home”, the best Christian album EVER, I cried too. But with my tears came the assurance that the Lord is with me through my difficult times. God bless you and Russ too, my brothers.

  2. Rodrigo, you are in my prayers for God walk through you on your journey, although seems it has been rough at time. He will never leave you nor forsake you! He is trustworthy! I appreciate your transparency and honesty!

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