Where Were You In 1978? Episode #238

Hi Everybody,

This one has been a long time coming. No, I’m not just talking about production time, but the songs on this episode of FULL CIRCLE are over 40 years old!! Come on back with me and enjoy the Jesus Music of the year 1978…and because there were so many great songs…this is only Part One and Part Two will be on it’s way.

I’m featuring pioneer artists Paul Clark, Barry McGuire, Terry Talbot, Kelly Willard, the Second Chapter of Acts and many more. You’ll hear great memories, comments and experience the timeless music of that era.

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Another Look At The Book Of Hebrews on Episode #237

Hi Everybody,

The living Word of God is the source of everything and that includes JESUS MUSIC!! On this next episode we’ll take a look at the book of Hebrews through the eyes of early Jesus Music. You’ll hear from Carmen, Matthew Ward, Marty McCall and Fireworks, Amy Grant, Tommy Coomes and many more who’ll take you on a musical journey through the book. Give a listen to Episode #237 at the PLAYLIST button.

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Stand Fast, Episode #236

Hi Everybody,

It’s not everyday that I find a listener like Robert Henninger who not only picked the playlist for this show but underwrote it financially as well. An introspective honest look at his Christian walk as he has journeyed with the Lord all these years. Thank you my friend!!

You’ll hear the songs that have encouraged Robert along his journey from groups like Parable, Pat Terry Group, The Call and Paul Clark, Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill…a great mix of inspiration that will encourage you as well

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Episode #235 From The Other Side Of The Stage with guest Alex MacDougall

Hi Everybody,

I’m entitling this show “From The Other Side of the Stage” because I am highlighting an artist who doesn’t normally get the spotlight but has made a significant mark on the musical genre as a whole. On this episode I’ll be talking with a man who has played so many various roles within the music world. Drummer / percussionist Alex Macdougall, who was a member of numerous early Jesus music groups in the 70’s as well as a studio musician for literally hundreds of albums during that time and well into the following 3 decades.

You’ll hear early Jesus music from The Way, Bob Bennett, Daniel Amos, Mark Heard and much more as I have a candid discussion with Alex and explore those remarkable artists and recordings. I think you will really enjoying see the stage from “the other side”. Be sure and open Playlist 201 – Present, click on Episode #235 and enjoy.

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It’s All About Jesus, Episode #234

Just in time for Holy week…here’s Episode #234. Many of you will be observing Good Friday, Sunrise services and Easter Sunday so on Episode #234 I’ll be featuring songs from early Jesus music with that appropriate theme. I’ve even heard that some of you will be taking spring break, so what a great time to listen to this new episode as you drive along!

I’m featuring music from the band called Jerusalem, Don Franciso, Bob Bennett, Michael Card and of course the late Keith Green’s version of THE VICTOR. I really believe that you’ll enjoy the show and share it with other Jesus music fans. In case you may have forgotten how to hear the show, look for the Playlist 201-Present tab just above. If you click that you can use the arrow to open up Episode #234.

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Episode #233, Another Look At 1st Thessalonians

Hey everybody!

Don’t you just love the word of God? There is so much rich truth for us to help guide our way in a very dark time. So, on this episode I’ll being taking a musical look again at 1st Thessalonians!

Ric Cua from The Outlaws will start us out and you’ll be hearing vintage Leon Patillo, Dion Dimucci, Children of the Day, DeGarmo & Key and of course the late Keith Green. I doubt you’ll hear a song that you don’t like and most likely you will remember!

Once again a big thanks to folks who consistently walk with FULL CIRCLE to be sure you get to hear the next episode. Many ask how they can help but these folks and a few others come through, time after time.

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Tim Archer On Full Circle #232

Hi Everybody,

It’s the first Full Circle show of the new year! This episodes features my special guest, Tim Archer, from the  ground-breaking, pop-Gospel group The ARCHERS. Join me as we hear the stories behind the songs. He and his wife Cynthia live in the Nashville area where they work to preserve the heritage of not only The Archers, but of all the artists who pioneered this amazing era of music.

You’ll be hearing classics like God’s Love, Fresh Surrender and a special duet with the late Andrae Crouch, Jesus Is The Answer. I am sure you’ll agree that this episode is a great way to start off the new year on Full Circle.

Go the PLAYLIST 201-Present just above and scroll down and push PLAY. Of course you can listen to Episode #232 on ITUNES, Roku, Google Play, Tune In and many other apps and internet radio stations.

I am so grateful for the friends who continue to contribute and are keeping FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC alive! Folks like Steven Weyhrich, Phil Durham, William and Linda Schaaff, Steven Gale, Paul French, Tom Tatlow, Gregory Lord, Joshua Inman, David Hoy and so many more! Thank you!

It’s Christmas Time Again – Enjoying The Season on Episode #231

Hi Everybody, it’s that time again! It seems like only last week that I posted last years Christmas show. This year has gone by so quickly!

Unlike Christmas episodes we’ve done in the past I thought we’d take this one in a different direction by featuring all original songs instead of the traditional classics. On this episode you’ll be hearing from Jesus music pioneers Chuck Girard, Barry McGuire, Terry Talbot and Phil Keaggy, a few female veterans of Christian music Evie and Amy Grant. I’ll also feature a few less familiar voices but who are still around making music today.

Remember how to listen to the show? Look for the Playlist 201 – Present button OR Go to: www.fullcirclejesusmusic.com/playlist/

I am so grateful to a small band of listeners who consistently share prayerfully and financially that helped to underwrite this Christmas show. My old buddy Phil Durham, Steve Weyhrich (who also serves as webmaster) Joshua Inman, Rick Tarrant, Paul French, Tom Tatlow and William and Linda Schaaff. Thank you guys for being there for Full Circle.

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Bruce Carroll on Episode #230

Hi Everybody,

Well, it’s been a long time coming but finally…Bruce Carroll is my special guest on FULL CIRCLE. Memphis, where Bruce lives, isn’t that far from Nashville but I guess I was waiting for him to move over here…ha.

You will really enjoy hearing about the journey that Bruce has been on since the early days of CCM. He is an amazing song writer and story teller as you will be able to tell on songs like Living In The Pages, The Great Exchange, Sometimes Miracles Hide…and of course
Who Will Be Jesus. These songs and many more are featured on this special episode of Full Circle. Tell your friends and let Bruce himself know that you enjoyed the show. You can contact him at http://www.brucecarroll.com/

Thanks for your prayers and support for the show and join our email blast list or Facebook page…all I need is your email address.

Keep Your Eyes To The Sky and let your light shine!!

Love Thru The Years – Episode #229

Hi Everybody,

Well, after a summer break in San Diego, California, I’m back and I am posting the next episode of Full Circle Jesus Music. I tried my friends, I really tried but I was so enjoying taking some much needed rest. There is nothing like the Southern California coast at Carlsbad where I was visiting with my son. The sound of the waves are so peaceful and relaxing. God showed up with amazing sunsets as well…and we spent hours watching and drinking it all in.

I am amazed with the love of God!! On this episode I’ll go thru the years one year at a time starting with 1976 and ending in 1987. I’ve picked some great songs from each year about God’s love from DeGarmo & Key with Amy Grant, After The Fire, Dan Peek, Annie Herring and many more!!

Your love tank might be full and you’re grateful to God for how loved you are in Him or your love tank might be less than full and maybe even completely drained. I pray that the love of God will find you where you are and show you His goodness as you listen to this episode.

Special thanks to my friends who continued to send in financial underwriting for this ministry, even though I was on vacation. That’s what friends are for!! And a special “hello” to all my new friends who recently joined our family.