Word Tunes – Episode #275

Hi Everybody,

A lot of early Jesus music songwriters used direct scripture, especially from the Psalms. I doubt David from the Bible would have minded. On Episode #275, you’ll hear “WORD TUNES” from Matthew Ward, Paul Clark and Friends, Sweet Comfort Band, Pam Mark Hall and many others.

This episode was suggested by listener Ken Moore who continues to use early Jesus music to recall scripture he has learned in the past. What a great idea to “refresh,” our memory in that way. Maybe you’d like to try it as well as we recall the days of early Jesus music.

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New Beginnings – Episode #274

Hi Everybody, We’re at the start of new beginnings. A new year with new possibilities!! I think you’ll enjoy this show about what God promises in the “new” with songs from Jamie Owens Collins, Love Song, John Michael Talbot, Lenny LeBlanc, Mylon LeFevre and much more!!

One listener recently sent me some great ideas and songs for the next episode which I am looking forward to producing. I am grateful for those kind of recommendations and hope others in my listening audience will do the same.

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It’s Christmas Time – Episode #273

Hi everybody,

It’s that time again. Christmas time! On this special Christmas episode, #273, I’ve found a number of early Jesus music artists who recorded songs about this glorious season. You’ll hear from Sheila Walsh, Michael Card, Kelly Willard, Barry McGuire and Terry Talbot, the late Dan Peek and more.

Over the years we forget some of the songs and some of the meaning behind the Ancient Traditions we have observed by habit for so long. Join me in rediscovering some of those lost traditions and the real reason for this wonderful time.

I pray that this episode encourages you to keep Jesus in the season. He is the reason! Pass a copy on to someone you love in hope that they will stop, look and listen and receive the good news!! Jesus has come!!

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Testimony – Episode #272

Hi Everybody, Say, do you have a TESTIMONY? Everyone does and the songs on this episode reflect the amazing encounters we’ve all had with God. You’ll hear “testimony” songs from Randy Stonehill, Barry McGuire, Amy Grant, Phil Keaggy, Honeytree, the late Keith Green and many more.

A testimony can be powerful when you give your perspective of what you’ve experienced. Some folks don’t think that their story really matters because it’s not as colorful as others who really messed up before being rescued by Jesus. But every testimony is important and can influence others to find their way.

Special thanks goes to Baron Wiley from KBRN – Boerne Radio in Boerne, Texas who had the inspiration for this show. I am happy that KBRN is one of the many stations that play FULL CIRCLE. And, this particular episode was graciously underwritten by my friends Gregory Reid, Paul French, Steven Weyhrich, Scott Powell, Denzel Pollock, Tom Tatlow, William and Linda Schaaff and others. They have made a difference so that you can enjoy the classic songs on Full Circle and be blessed by the message. Thank you my friends.

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Legacy – a special interview with Benny Hester on Episode #271

Hi Everybody,

It’s been a long time coming but Benny Hester was a recent guest on FULL CIRCLE, via ZOOM. Even with occasional audio drop out, I think you’ll be able to really enjoy what he has to say. You’ll also enjoy his great songs. Benny is perhaps best known for his songs “When God Ran” and “Nobody Knows Me Like You” and for producing the groundbreaking tween/teen music-driven sketch comedy and dance television series Roundhouse on Nickelodeon.

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Comfort In The Storm – Episode #270

Hi everybody, I’m wondering if you’d like a little comfort in the storms of life? We all have storms from time to time or know someone who may be going through one. Thankfully, there are a lot of great Jesus Music songs that bring needed comfort and you’ll hear some of them on Episode #270.

You’ll hear some classic songs from Michele Pillar, Chris Eaton, Leon Patillo, the late Keith Green and even Benny Hester, who will be my special guest on an upcoming FULL CIRCLE episode. I am confident you will find some comfort in the mix and the songs might help you refocus on the faithfulness of a good, good Father who is always there to answer prayers.

Take heart my friend and give a listen!!

Sonic Video – Episode #269

Hi Everybody,

Loving the ideas that some listeners have for a new episode. This episode comes courtesy of a listener named Jeffrey Dean. He caught my attention by suggesting I play songs that could also be viewed on YouTube. So I found that a lot of early Jesus music jumped on board in the early days of this internet video media. Not all were polished or high dollar productions, some were just a static shot of the singer or album cover, but all and all they featured some pretty good songs for the formate.

On the show you’ll hear from Al Green, Tramaine Hawkins, Farrell and Farrell, The Choir, Randy Stonehill and a whole lot more!! For fun, look up the song on YouTube and compare them with what you hear on this episode. There are an amazing number of songs out on the video platform, that’s for sure.

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What Are They Doing Now? Episode #268

Hi Everybody,

Instead of looking way, way back to the actual beginnings of Jesus music in the Jesus Movement Days, on Episode #268 we’re going to be looking back more recently at what some of the veteran Jesus music artists from the 70’s and 80’s have been working on within the past decade.

Singer/songwriters from the 70’s including Randy Stonehill and Paul Clark, Sweet Comfort Band, David and the Giants as well as Michael Card, Bob Bennett and Scott Wesley Brown whose work in the late 70’s helped pave the way for CCM radio in the 80’s. Don’t miss it! Go to Playlist 251-Present, and give a listen!!

Here’s an announcement for you that I haven’t shared up until now. After close to 15 years, my writer Russell Baum, has decided to step back from writing the show. He will be missed for sure but I honor his need to invest more time in his own projects and his family. I will look forward to your suggestions of themes for new shows and would love you to be a guest writer too, if that’s in your heart!

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Full Circle #267, Remembering BJ Thomas

Although I never met the late BJ Thomas, his music had an impact on early Jesus music. He was able to take some of the best written songs in Jesus music and with his gentle soothing voice, the words and melodies would be implanted deep in the heart of the listener.

On this episode of Full Circle, I’ll take a few moments to remember B.J. Thomas who went on to be with the Lord on May 29, 2021, at his home in Arlington, Texas. While he was famous for his numerous hits in the country and pop music world, many don’t realize that he also released a number of very popular Jesus music albums in the 70’s and 80’s.

You’ll also hear from Amy Grant, Kelly Willard, Matthews, Taylor and Johnson and much more. This show has a bit of a slow country mood to it and I think you’ll appreciate seeing how all of these artists and players got together on each others’s various projects.

Hope you enjoy the show and thanks for your support. Tell your friends.

Seasons Of Change with Richie Furay on Episode #266

Hi Everybody,

Well, it took a while but I was finally able to arrange a ZOOM interview with the legendary Richie Furay, formerly of Buffalo Springfield and POCO from the late 60’s and early 70’s. When Richie began his journey with Jesus, he didn’t know how it would influence his music and that one day he’d became a pastor of a Calvary Chapel church.

Check out his story on Episode #266 and hear some great songs from the Richie Furay Band such as Mighty Maker, Promise Of Love, Someone Who Cares, Seasons Of Change and much more.

Write me and let me know what you think of the program. As always, your financial support is a blessing when you give at the top of the webpage using the DONATION button and all gifts are tax-exempt. Thanks.