New Beginnings – Episode #274

Hi Everybody, We’re at the start of new beginnings. A new year with new possibilities!! I think you’ll enjoy this show about what God promises in the “new” with songs from Jamie Owens Collins, Love Song, John Michael Talbot, Lenny LeBlanc, Mylon LeFevre and much more!!

One listener recently sent me some great ideas and songs for the next episode which I am looking forward to producing. I am grateful for those kind of recommendations and hope others in my listening audience will do the same.

Through internet radio and on numerous radio stations, I’ve discovered that I have a ton of listeners to FULL CIRCLE. Just so you know, for some reason that doesn’t show up when it comes to support of the ministry. I’ll keep producing new shows but if you want to help this listener supported show and ministry, now is a good time. Maybe you think others are taking care of it all so since it’s free, your help isn’t needed. Actually, that’s not so. Maybe it’s time to play your part. You can go to the DONATION button at the top of the webpage for a tax-exempt gift, either one time or automatic monthly.

Thanks so much for your help!!

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