Special Guest: Terry Talbot on Episode #281

Hi Everybody,

I’ve really been looking forward to this episode with an interview from my friend Terry Talbot, formerly from Mason Proffit. Terry went on to record with his brother John Michael Talbot, (listen to that interview on Episode #190) as well as produce musicals such as FIREWIND and many other projects.

You’ll get to hear firsthand how Terry became a Christian and how he influenced the whole Country Rock genre. You also hear favorite songs like Mighty Wind, See The Vision, Takin’ Me Higher, Lamplighter and much more. Sit back and enjoy!

Thanks again for some of the new listeners who have asked to be part of the Full Circle, Jesus Music email blast, those who have started to pray and support this radio ministry on iHeartRadio, iTunes and many, many other podcast formats and radio stations.

Grateful for all your support.

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