What’s Your Spiritual Bandwidth? – Episode #286

Hi everybody,

Special thanks to a new friend Glenn Christensen, who along with others underwrote this episode of Full Circle. I’m so appreciative of those who believe in this ministry, tell others and pray for us as well as help financially underwrite our expenses. So grateful.

On this episode, I’m going to explore a problem that a lot of us have, “spiritual burn out.” Trying to do too much, too quickly within a day. Hopefully you’ll be encouraged of ways to stay closer to Jesus and let him order your steps. This is a season where we must focus on peace and rest and watch him do what he wants to do through us. No striving!

You’ll hear songs from Randy Stonehill, Renee Garcia, Jon Gibson, Kelly Willard and the late Robbie Duke and many more. Ballads, provoking lyrics, pop and jazz, all pointing to keeping our pace by keeping our eyes on Jesus. I think you’ll be encouraged. Give Episode #286 a listen!!

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