Looking Back To 1974 On Episode #206

Hi Everybody,

I love to feature interviews and there are more interviews coming from folks like Phil Keaggy and Kelly Willard and others, but on this episode I thought I would focus more on the music side of things, specifically taking a closer look at the year of 1974. (Do you remember that I started in Jesus music radio in 1972 with the radio show JESUS SOLID ROCK?) At that time Jesus music was only about 5 years old!!

On this episode I’ll take you back to recall the music of Jesus music veteran Paul Clark, Barry McGuire, 2d Chapter of Acts, Love Song and so many more. Please give a listen and be sure to pass it on to other friends of early Jesus music.

You might have been wondering when this next Episode would be posted and it may be a good time to let you know that I plan on producing more FULL CIRCLE shows whether I have a large, supporting listening audience or just one or two of you that write and give financially into the ministry…because this ministry is all for Jesus and nothing more.

Sometimes it seems that we are going pretty slow, so if you want to help speed things up a bit, maybe you’d be willing to commit to supporting the show with your prayers and giving…and following through as unto the Lord, even if it’s only a little from time to time.

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