Love Thru The Years – Episode #229

Hi Everybody,

Well, after a summer break in San Diego, California, I’m back and I am posting the next episode of Full Circle Jesus Music. I tried my friends, I really tried but I was so enjoying taking some much needed rest. There is nothing like the Southern California coast at Carlsbad where I was visiting with my son. The sound of the waves are so peaceful and relaxing. God showed up with amazing sunsets as well…and we spent hours watching and drinking it all in.

I am amazed with the love of God!! On this episode I’ll go thru the years one year at a time starting with 1976 and ending in 1987. I’ve picked some great songs from each year about God’s love from DeGarmo & Key with Amy Grant, After The Fire, Dan Peek, Annie Herring and many more!!

Your love tank might be full and you’re grateful to God for how loved you are in Him or your love tank might be less than full and maybe even completely drained. I pray that the love of God will find you where you are and show you His goodness as you listen to this episode.

Special thanks to my friends who continued to send in financial underwriting for this ministry, even though I was on vacation. That’s what friends are for!! And a special “hello” to all my new friends who recently joined our family.