Requested By A Listener Who Is ALL IN, Episode #192

Hi Everybody,

I have a story to tell on Episode #192 that is quite amazing…where a listener wrote to request songs and I found out that he lived just over the hill from me here in Nashville. So, Joshua Inman not only requested the songs for this show…he covered the cost of production…entirely!! He’s ALL IN!!

You’ll hear songs from Paul Clark, 2d Chapter of Acts, Steve Archer, Whiteheart and much more…and of course, Joshua’s favorite artist…Sheila Walsh.

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2 thoughts on “Requested By A Listener Who Is ALL IN, Episode #192

  1. Joshua is a great friend and a walking encyclopedia of Christian music! His extreme knowledge in this area is only matched by his great heart! Am excited about listening!

  2. Jerry, thanx for #191 (or is it 192), the one funded by Joshua. I had requested “Strength of My Life” by Leslie Philips. It’s my favorite from her. It ministered mightily to me back in 1988 when I was going thru a difficult time. It’s great that Joshua liked it too! And I enjoyed the ABBA- like Song from Silverwind.

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