Requested SOS on Episode #191

Hi Everybody,

Someone just asked me how many listeners support the show what with almost 1000 folks on the Facebook page now and hundreds more via my email listings…and I told them. “Well to be exact…4 did last month,” to which he replied…”Maybe, they just don’t know to.” “Well, maybe they don’t.” So, want to help? We’d really appreciate it!

We also appreciate those who requested some SOS for this show….(Somewhat Obscure Songs)…I hope you enjoy.

I also hope you enjoy a sneak preview of an upcoming interview with Kenny Marks. Just click the playlist button and give a listen!! Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Requested SOS on Episode #191

  1. Thank You! And Blessings from Chile! Kep up the good Work! My whole family says Hello!!! 🙂

  2. Jerry,
    Hi again. Really enjoyed the SOS episode. That 4song Kenny Marks selection is a powerful word about abstinence & good choices, but esp. Forgiveness (Romans 8:28). I never heard all four parts before.
    How about early Glad, esp. the “No Less Than All” album. The first 2 albums are out of print as far as I know. I have a record of their 1978 debut but it is cracked & I can only play a few songs on it. I could send these to you If you would like to have * 3 albums of the folk/southern gospel &rock duo
    * Harvest (Jerry Williams & Ed Kerr):
    “Send Us To The World”
    Can’t think of the other 2 right now but they were in that early 80s time period
    *the acoustic album from Mark Heard (which I think is now available as a CD
    but was a limited edition that Mark did not want people to stereotype him as
    a soft folk artist. Great album; my favorite by him). I don’t currently have the
    capability to digitize them. They are in fact pretty much worn. But the offer is
    still there if you can use them.
    Do you remember Dallas Holm? He definitely was an early pioneer wasn’t he?
    Thank you, guys for all youre doing

    P.S. I can’t find the place on your website where old vinyl–>cd/mp3 is available. A couple of the links were defunct. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you.

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