They Can Preach, Can They Sing? Episode #199

Well, thanks to a faithful friend whose underwriting got the motor running again…here’s Episode #199…and I hope you’ll like it.
Here’s hoping that you will also be inspired to “pay it forward” for those who haven’t yet supported the radio show and be blessed as both “giver” and “receiver”.

It is the first time that I have featured artists as both preacher and singer. On this weeks episode we’ll be featuring the music and message from some of the Contemporary Christian musicians of the past who are now pastors or in some cases evangelists. They include Oden Fong of Mustard Seed Faith, Mylon LeFevre, Scott Roley of Albrecht, Roley & Moore, Glenn Kaiser of the Resurrection Band and a few others that are in the “Whatever Happened To” category.

I thought you’d like to hear some of what each of our guests sound like as they preach from the word before I get into their music. Give a listen and let me know what you think…also this week, why not go to our Facebook page and asked to join the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC group and send me your email address for our Full Circle Email blasts for up to date news and photos of Jesus music artist concerts and happenings. If you download the show from ITUNES…I’d appreciate your rating the show so that others might be alerted to give that show a listen. Thanks!!!

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