Into The 80’s with Episode #198

Hi Everybody,

On our last episode we brought you the Sounds of the 70’s. To follow that up we’ll be moving INTO THE 80’s with those artists and songs that were hitting the airwaves and the road as Christian Music would be making huge leaps both on the radio and in the concert halls. No longer would CCM be only heard from time to time on Christian radio stations and performances be subject solely to churches but now there would be full time Christian music stations and live concerts in large theaters and for some artist the bigger arenas.

On Episode #198 we’ll be hearing from the likes of Leslie Phillips, Leon Patillo, Dion DiMucci, Michael W. Smith and more.

We’re getting close to the 200th Episode of FULL CIRCLE with lots of special guests liners,
music and memories. That’s 200 hours of classic Jesus music!!! Maybe you’d like to help financially underwrite this milestone episode? Let me know by using the PayPal button or sending your support to our mailing address….thanks for whatever you can do!!

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