Sounds Of The 70’s On Episode #197

Hi Everybody,

On this episode we’re going to be featuring what I’ll call the Sounds of the 70’s. These are the groups and artists who were blazing the trail for those who would come after.

We’ll be hearing from the likes of Mustard Seed Faith, Bethlehem, The All-Saved Freak Band, The Way, The Sweet Comfort Band and Ron Salsbery and the J C Power Outlet as well as individual artists including Steve Camp, Honeytree and Amy Grant.

No one really made any money back then…ministry was the driving force behind the music…seeing lives changed through the preaching of the gospel…that was the beginning of what has now become an industry unto itself.

Go to the playlist and give a listen and take a moment to write and reflect on your favorite group of the 70’s.

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