First Episode For The New Year, #196

Hi Everybody,

I am posting the first show of the new year, #196…give a listen when you go to the playlist button…we’re edging up to our 200th Episode!! This is a listener-supported radio show and we need listeners and support for the new year…won’t you join our “Jesus Music loving” family?

The ONE WAY EXPERIENCE concert was supposed to feature Evie, Andrae Crouch, The Archers, Chuck Girard and others but has still not materialized as of this writing…but on this episode you’ll enjoy some great music from Andrae, Phillip Bailey, Terry Talbot, Matthew Ward, Keith Green and many more…enjoy!!! So, just click on playlist at the top of the page…then go to Episode 195 and give a listen. Tell your friends and send me a review of the show.

Also, would you be willing to watch the video on this page and consider supporting a COMPASSION child. You can make a world of a difference. Thanks so much!!

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