Where Were You In 1978? Episode #238

Hi Everybody,

This one has been a long time coming. No, I’m not just talking about production time, but the songs on this episode of FULL CIRCLE are over 40 years old!! Come on back with me and enjoy the Jesus Music of the year 1978…and because there were so many great songs…this is only Part One and Part Two will be on it’s way.

I’m featuring pioneer artists Paul Clark, Barry McGuire, Terry Talbot, Kelly Willard, the Second Chapter of Acts and many more. You’ll hear great memories, comments and experience the timeless music of that era.

Once again, thanks to Phil Durham, Steven Weyhrick,Tom Tatlow, William and Linda Schaaff, Paul French, Denzel Polliock, Bob Henninger and many more for your consistent support of this radio ministry. For the others considering becoming a supporter…go ahead…DO IT!! We appreciate you!

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