Jesus music shift of 1978 – Episode #239

Hi Everybody,

Happy Thanksgiving 2018! I hope you’ve enjoyed the time with friends and family and so for a special blessing, here’s Episode #239. It’s part two of a look back at the shift in Jesus music in 1978…that saw the emergence of more and more Christian radio stations giving this new music a try on their drive times in the morning and afternoon while still playing their syndicated preaching and teaching programs during the rest of the day.

You’ll hear radio friendly songs from Benny Hester, DeGarmo and Key, Farrell and Farrell, Sweet Comfort Band, Andrus Blackwood & Company and many others.

Ok, I admit that from time to time I feel a little alone. I know there are thousands of listeners to the FULL CIRCLE show via internet, radio stations, downloads that are being shared, etc. But I haven’t heard from you. Oh, I am blessed with a few who are writing and giving to support the next episode of FULL CIRCLE, but I haven’t heard from you. Why not write this week and tell me the songs you’d like to hear. My address is

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2 thoughts on “Jesus music shift of 1978 – Episode #239

  1. Jerry- thanks for being faithful in doing what you do. I have recently been apprehended by our Father to share some songs He has sent from above. I am an old Jesus freak who had no plans to write anything, but have been recruited. Check us out on FB and Youtube at greg johnson and friends. It is music from the coming Kingdom…grace andpeace, greg

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