Looking Back To 1979 Part Two, Episode #245, Koinonia Honored

Hi Everybody,

It’s been an exciting week here in Nashville as the Nashville Historical Commission placed a permanent marker on the street in front of Koinonia Bookstore/Coffeehouse and honored our Jesus music beginnings. The band DOGWOOD, BROWN BANNISTER, AMY GRANT AND MICHAEL W. SMITH played their first songs in this coffee house in the early days of Jesus music and were on hand for the unveiling. I’ll post pictures soon on my webpage.

On this Episode #245 of Full Circle, I’ll be looking back to the Jesus music cover tunes from the year 1979. There were so many great songs to choose from, so this is Part Two. If you haven’t heard Part One, please go back and give a listen.

You’ll hear from Dogwood, Amy Grant, who will be a guest on the show sometime soon, Craig Smith, Servant and early veterans Eric Nelson and Michele Pillar.

Just click Playlist 201-Present and you’ll find this latest episode. Enjoy and drop us a line at info@fullcirclejesusmusic.com.

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