Looking Back To 1979 Part One, Episode #244

Hi Everybody,

Boy what an amazing year 1979 turned out to be! Bob Dylan’s SLOW TRAIN COMING was released as we moved forward from early Jesus music to what became today’s CCM and on this episode, we’ll track those changes. You’ll hear from early Petra, Oden Fong, David and the Giants and DeGarmo and Key, as well as BJ Thomas and Amy Grant.

There were so many great songs released in 1979 that I already know that there has to be a Part Two, next time. With a little help from my friends who pray for and financially underwrite this ministry, I’ll begin to start working on that now. If you want to help, there’s a DONATE button at the top of this page and all gifts are tax-exempt. Thanks.

Remember, all you need to do is go to the Playlist 201-Present and click Episode #244 to hear the great memories from that important year. Give a listen!!

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