Pops And Cracks, Episode #243

Hi Everybody,

What a fun title for my new show, TOP OF THE POPS AND TRACKS BETWEEN THE CRACKS. On this episode we’re going to be hearing songs that were in the charts on Christian radio back in the day as well as some of those that didn’t quite make it that far but still have something to say that may have not been heard by the masses. Nothing will be lost on this episode!

You’ll hear songs from Bryan Duncan, Steve Camp and the late Keith Green. Two Kims…Kim Boyce, Kim Hill as well as Twila Paris. Solid Rock Records alumni Daniel Amos, Mark Heard and Larry Norman a classic from Phil Keaggy. There should be something for everyone!

Be sure “like” the FULL CIRCLE JESUS MUSIC page on FACEBOOK and tell your friends about the show. As always, I am so grateful for your interest and your support for this radio ministry. Send a note and let me know the songs you’d like to hear and ideas for an upcoming episode at info@fullcirclejesusmusic.com

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